Erotic Story: A Beautiful Mess – Part 3
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A Beautiful Mess – Part 3

By Victoria, 08.09.2022

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It was over a decade ago that Laura had an experience, which was incredibly difficult for her pubescent brain to explain at the time, and the chosen coping mechanism had been to repress the memory completely. It all happened the first time she encountered Jane, the physical education intern at her high school. When she saw her, instantly her heart started beating faster and tingles, which some would describe as butterflies, rushed through her torso. Jane was a beautiful young woman with a genuine passion for physical exercise that was affirmed by her athletic body. Besides that, she exhibited strong confidence, which was hard to find among the other high girls that wished to be women but actually had no idea what that entailed and were in reality just hiding their feelings of insecurity.

In essence, nothing was misguided about the attraction Laura felt when her brain was loudly screaming in forms of grand hormone releases – solely that Jane was a woman. The sensation was known to her, but she had only experienced it before with boys. Then, when pleasuring herself one evening, she completely let herself go, and it did not take long before a vision of Jane popped into her head. It let her towards a blissful ecstasy that shortly after turned into a profound confusion and practically immediately into denial. In the succeeding years, she had always been able to obtain the emotional and sexual satisfaction for the men that had entered her life and was not forced to ever think about her infatuation again. Until now.

Laura started stroking Rose’s thighs, and it was clear she was eager to please her without her mind interfering.

Abruptly Laura stopped moving and breathing. She froze into a state of shock when the memory suddenly vividly appeared in her mind. Perhaps it was more the idea that her brain was capable of such tricks, that disturbed her, than the memory itself. Unpleasantly surprised and slightly confused both Rose and Adele surfaced out of the blissful state of consciousness Laura had managed to put them both in and looked at her with big eyes. “Are you alright?” Rose inquired calmly and tried to grab Laura’s hand. “No. Yes! Uhm, I don’t know. I am just trying to make sense of it all, I guess,” Laura uttered in confusion while trying to avoid the gazes of the two women in front of her. Rose was somehow unable to find the proper words, or any words for that matter, as her brain seemed to be entirely drained in endorphins and unable to form sentences. She could only watch as Adele took control of the situation yet again. Adele bent towards Laura and gently tilted Laura’s head up with her fingers. In silent anticipation, Rose watched as her dear friend, and the mysterious French artist exchanged gazes which were communicating entire books before Adele gave Laura a brief, but loving kiss on the lips. The moment was short but nevertheless profound. “How does that feel?”, Adele probed quietly when their lips had parted again. Laura’s eyes remained shut, deepening the analysis of the sensation. “Amazing. Comfortable,” Laura eventually responded. “Well, that is all that matters.” The words seemed to almost work as a magic spell and visibly eased up Laura’s mind and body and fueled her with an uncrushable acceptance of the current set of circumstance she and Rose were currently situated in. Her eyes remained shut, as a broad smile appeared on her face. Adele pulled Laura in between herself and Rose, who was still as aroused as before. Laura started stroking Rose’s thighs, and it was clear she was eager to please her without her mind interfering.

Laura’s touch had gotten a specific determination to it, which Rose had not seen in any of Laura’s behavior before. She had always been rather biding, and suddenly she realized she had never seen Laura make the first move with men either.  Instantly Rose decided to not give any of it, any further thought and centered her attention on the feeling instead of her thoughts. She felt as Laura’s fingers were entering her yet again and were rigorously working their way to the back of her vagina. Meanwhile, Adele had invaded a ravenous state in her mind and could not stop her teeth from embedding themselves into Laura’s shoulders, increasingly charging the all the movements with an edgy aggressiveness that was previously contained by a fragile blanket of sophistication.

“Laura,” she moaned and squeezed the ass that Adele was penetrating with ever-increasing intensity. Laura was not planning on stopping yet.

It was as if all the vulgarness Adele constrained in order not to completely perforate the flesh between her teeth was being forwarded to Laura, who forcefully shoved her fingers into Rose and as a result was also feeling the sharp fixation of Rose’s nails into her ass. They seemed to have reached a vicious circle of pain and pleasure and were unable to stop. Screams of rapture were echoing through the minimalistic interior of Adele’s studio, while Laura was so cavernous, she could feel Rose’s cervix and reached a spot that was nearly shattering the ability to stay conscious. The light blue of Rose’s eyes nearly had been pushed out of existence by the excessive widening of her pupils. The experience was almost an overwhelming one, and Rose was fighting the demand to have Laura stop what she was doing. At that moment Adele bit hard and simultaneously pushed a finger deep into Laura’s behind. The moment was tense. Rose was being catapulted into the longest and deepest orgasm she had never dared to dream of and ejaculated years of suppressed tension out of her body. “Laura,” she moaned and squeezed the ass that Adele was penetrating with ever-increasing intensity. Laura was not planning on stopping yet.

Each part of each body was moving in some way or another and moisture was present on the skin. It was a fact that the temperature in the room was rising with one full degree and the humidity was following steadily. The orgasm Rose had just experienced was quickly followed by another one and her body did not show any signs of the necessity of recovery as it usually does. Her body was arching and twitching to the point where she felt her heart was about to stop beating at any given moment. Laura, in turn, felt like her consciousness was being ripped apart as she was enjoying ubiquitous position of being both the giver and the receiver of pleasure. As yet another orgasm rushed through Rose’s body, Adele provided Laura with equal fulfilment. Each movement rapid but considered. The sensitivity of Adele perception of reality, combined with the secretive gratification of her own female parts had quickly put her consciousness in the same frequency of the other women present.

Beyond imagination three orgasm merged into an incredible explosion of euphoria experienced as a unitedly being. Especially Rose’s body was reaching a point of exhaustion and her mind needed to process the multiplicity of orgasmic states she had just experienced. “Hold, wait, stop,” she gasped, while Laura was loudly experiencing the final part of the orgasm, which possessed sensations that were uniformly novel to the whole experience. While being in each other’s arms, the sexual tension gradually subsides until there is solely serenity left. Adele is filled with humble gratitude for having been able to familiarize herself with new shapes, and she can feel her eyes become moist. Rose and Laura’s friendship suddenly felt as it was part of a greater whole, something special. Rose and Laura stare at each other and secretively they were both hoping Adele would become part of their lives in some way or another. “Now, let me take those pictures,” Adele sets laughing and got up from the floor. Both Laura and Rose watched the beautiful slender figure sensually move away and follow shortly after.

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