Best Positions for Morning Sex
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Best Positions for Morning Sex

By Rebecca, 19.06.2020

For early risers or lazy Sundays, morning sex is a great way to start the day. There seems to be an incredible love for rolling over in bed and getting intimate with your partner. Morning sex is all about enjoying the cozy blankets and taking it nice and slow to warm up just right. If you do want to set your alarm early or bring your coffee back to bed, there are some positions that make morning sex even better.

Some of these positions are for penetrative sex, but that doesn’t just need to mean penis – it can mean hand, dildo, etc.

1. Spooning

Waking up with your partner’s arm wrapped around you is always a wonderful feeling. Nothing can really surpass that sensation of ‘closeness’. Conveniently, this position is perfect for some morning fun. Your bodies are already close together, so when your partner starts snuggling up against your backside, you just simply need to show your interest by responding with a positioning of your hips closer to your partner.

2. The T-Position

Similarly, the T-Position is when your partner lies on their side while you lie on your back with your leg over your partner’s hip. Your partner can enter you from underneath and your bodies form a ‘T’ shape. It doesn’t require much effort and you don’t even need to deal with each other’s morning breath! The angle could also be great for stimulating your G-spot, and your legs are wide open for some great manual stimulation.

3. Modified Doggie

Regular doggie can sometimes be too much effort in the morning. Modified doggie is when you lie flat on your stomach while your partner enters you from behind and leans down against your back. It’s definitely a lazier, more-contact version of doggie-style. With your legs pressed together, it will also enhance sensations for both you and your partner.

4. Side by Side

Instead of not facing each other during your spooning session, turn around to face each other instead. This position might need a little bit of tweaking to find the perfect leg configuration, but it will be totally worth it. In this position, you get the perks of facing your partner and receiving all those yummy morning kisses.  


Morning sex is GREAT! What about outdoor sex? It is exciting, fascinating and also very romantic! Do you want to know how to have outdoor sex? Read it here!

5. The Lotus

To get in the lotus position, your partner needs to sit on their butt with their legs crossed.  You then need to sit down on your partner while facing him. You get to hold on to them quite tightly by wrapping your legs and arms around their body. This position is great for the morning because it doesn’t require intense movement. You just need to rock back and forth or use small bouncing motions, and you are totally intertwined with your partner.

6. Oral Sex

Don’t forget about your mouths! Oral sex is always a great way to wake up – whether giving it or receiving it. If you have consent from your partner, you can even try to wake them up gently by pleasuring them. Make sure that you have permission from your partner to try it first. If you do, then it is a great way to start someone’s day off right. 

7. Shower Sex

If you’re both showering in the morning, then why not set your alarms a little bit earlier and hop in the shower together! Don’t try to squeeze it in to your regular morning routine, because we all know that you’re going to be late for work. Try to wake up a bit earlier so you can really get all soapy together.

Of course, these positions can be done at any time of the day – they don’t have to be in the morning. However, when you do wake up in the morning feeling a bit frisky, these are the best positions to have a relaxed, super sex start to your day. Make sure you have your condoms, lube or toys next to the bed so you can be prepared for whatever the day might bring!

Oral morning sex is very satisfying. Perhaps you are looking for some new ideas to boost your oral skills. These skills will definitely be a huge success!

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