Erotic Story: Slippery When Wet
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Slippery When Wet

By Victoria, 04.08.2022

After an intense work-out I always long for a long hot shower…

My clothes are drained in my sweat and I quickly take them off and create a little heap in the corner of the bathroom floor. I reach past the nearly transparent shower curtain and start turning on the hot water. All the while trying to avoid any water falling on any other part of my body than my underarm. As quickly as possible I keep turning the tap until it is fully open and the jet of water is creating a loud splashing sound it is no longer silent in the room. Immediately I push back from behind the curtain and wait for the water to warm up. I use the time to observe the reflection of my torso in the mirror. A sense of pride rushes through me when I realize my intense and disciplined workout is finally starting to show.

I feel sexy. Slowly steam forms and disperses through the bathroom. It sets on the mirror and indicates the water has reached my desired temperature. I step into the artificial cascade of the falling liquid. Instantly I cup my hands together and redirect the majority of the water onto my chest from where it continues its downward flow. When my skin has gotten used to the temperature of the water, I slowly start to turn my shoulders from left to right, making each twist slightly bigger until I am facing the other side of the shower. At that point, my head falls back almost automatically and I am basically immersed in falling water. My body is gradually being warmed up and the water washes the salt from my sweat off my skin. The revitalizing power of water never ceases to amaze me and I can’t help but moan from pleasure. However, the end of my moan gets transformed into a loud scream when I get frightened by a hand grabbing the shower curtain and pulling it sideways.

“Come inside me,” I demand him with my voice and my hands.

“I am not going to kill you, babe. I just came to give you a petite mort,” my boyfriend laughs while he nonchalantly steps into the shower with me. My mind has recovered from the shock but my heart is still pumping my blood and the bound adrenaline rapidly through my veins. Silently, I move aside and free the space under the showerhead from him. For a short while, I just watch and let him enjoy the sensation of the water flowing down over his skin. His eyes shut, just before he looks up straight in the direction of the shower head. While he does I let my hand slide over his back, exploring the forms of his muscles as if I never felt them before. Very lightly massaging them with my fingertips before I let them slide down along the trench created by his spine. When his body has also adjusted to the water and its temperature, he abruptly turns around. His eyes wildly looking at me before he grabs me and pushes me against the wall. The turquoise tiles are still relatively cold and in sharp contrast with the hot water. Their coldness rushes through my flesh and makes me gasp for air. At that moment his face moves rapidly towards me through the falling water to kiss me. His head redirecting the flow of the water towards my face and partially into my mouth when it opens to let his tongue enter. His body moves closer to mine and I feel the warmth of his growing cock on my skin. “Your body is amazing,” he moans into my ear while he lets his fingers skate down over my slender figure. “Come inside me,” I demand him with my voice and my hands.

Being familiar with the flexibility of my body, he moves his hand under my leg and pulls it all the way up to his shoulder. I clench my teeth while interlacing my hands around his neck and pull him closer towards me. Pushing my leg further upwards to the limits of my flexibility. The desire to have him deep inside of me is bigger than anything else and while I feel how he pushes the tip of his penis onto my clitoris, I continue to pull him in my direction. The warm water continues to flow over my hands as I start to squeeze the muscles in his strong neck. Slowly, he guides his penis towards my yarning entrance and I close my eyes when he pushes himself inside of me. The height of our bodies is perfectly aligned and for a moment I can’t help but think we are made for each other. When he is unable to push further, he stays deep inside of me and he does not move for a short instance. At that point, time seems to lose its significance and we seem to melt into one being. His multitasking skills are being tested when he simultaneously starts to fuck me, kiss me and moves his hands all over my body. It feels amazing and I have trouble controlling my breath when I suddenly feel my foot slipping out from under me. I am not sure my eyes are open or closed but a couple of moments later we are both on the bathroom floor. Without saying anything, we are looking at each other with big eyes, rolled in like a human wrap by the shower curtain.

The tightness of my cunt is creating the pressure that gets me and him off.

“Oh god, are you okay?” my boyfriend asks concerned “Yes, I think so,” I say calmly. “Shower sex has never really worked for anyone has it?” As soon as I realize all our limbs are intact and none of us is hurt, my arousal immediately surfaces again and I thirst for him to continue. I sense the gaze of my eyes changing to that of pure lust and the same feeling takes over my entire body like a wave of energy. I wrap my legs around his torso, partly freeing his back from the shower curtain in the process. At that moment also his eyes radiate lust again. I understand, he understands. Our bodies are still wet and slide over each other with ease while he positions himself to start penetrating me again. Between my legs, it has gotten even more slippery than before and the resistance of my flesh when he enters me is barely present. The tightness of my cunt is creating the pressure that gets me and him off. Everything around us is so slippery that we have to use our arms to anchor our bodies onto each other. I tighten my pelvic muscles as if to grab his dick, making sure he never slips too far out of my body. With each contraction, I manage to squeeze a moan out of his normally silent mouth.

The shower is still running and steam continues to form all around us, hindering anything from becoming dry. Everything in and around me is hot and wet and for a moment everything feels surreal. My breathing keeps increasing but I feel the amount of oxygen lessen each time I inhale the humid air. I get slightly dizzy but ignore the feeling. Instead of slowing down we keep increasing the speed of the fucking. All my muscles start to spasm and I hold onto my boyfriend with the little amount of control I have left in my body. At that moment he stops moving as well and an energy rushes through every cell of my being. The energy urging me to be released in the forms of moans and screams. Satisfied and tired we lie on the floor while the water keeps splashing in the shower. “Now let’s get you cleaned up properly.” When we step back into the water, he massages my body and I feel I have had the best full body work out of my life.

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