What these 3 sex dreams tell you!

What these 3 sex dreams tell you!

By Janna, 29.02.2024

A phenomenon many of us are familiar with: sex dreams. And they can be very confusing sometimes, especially when they involve situations that we wouldn’t expect in real life. Here are the most common sex dreams and what they might actually mean.

  • Same sex dreams

Some may find it surprising to dream about sex with someone of the same sex. But this is actually not such a big deal. Having such a dream does not necessarily mean that your sexual orientation has changed. What it does mean is that you’re getting to know yourself a little better, in a different, deeper way. 

You could say that your dream is giving your own gender a little extra attention. So, let’s say you’re dreaming about a steamy night with someone of the same sex. Then their gender probably represents certain qualities you’d like to put into the spotlight more. 

Pregnant women sometimes have lesbian dreams. Why? Because getting pregnant is associated with ultimate femininity, right? As if they now embrace their womanhood on a very deep level.

And what about men? They can also have dreams about other men. As if their dream tries to tell them something about their masculinity, saying “Hello, why don’t you look at this side of yourself and celebrate it more!” Are things starting to click yet?

  • Sex dream about your colleague (or maybe even your boss!)

Dreaming about a steamy rendezvous with a colleague can be pretty confusing, especially if you’re not really attracted to that person. But such dreams do no necessarily have to do with romance. Maybe you admire certain qualities in that colleague. It can’t hurt to think about what they may represent to you and which of their qualities you’d secretly like to adopt.

And hey, if your boss suddenly appears in your dreams, chances are it’s got something to do with power, authority and that whole management vibe. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a bit or power play…

  • The well-known ex

Dreams about having wild sex with your ex can be pretty confusing, especially if it involves that one flame from the past. No need to stress though. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are still in love with them. Dreams like this often just symbolize the desire to integrate certain aspects of that old relationship into your current life. Maybe you simply miss the excitement of that first love and that’s totally fine.

These dreams often tend to occur if our daily life is starting to feel a bit boring and our subconscious reminds us that we do still need some excitement.

So, having sex dreams about other people is no disaster and doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel the same in real life. Just consider it to be an interesting twist and who knows… it might be fun to ask that one colleague on a date ;).

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