Why do we fake orgasms?

Why do we fake orgasms?

By Janna, 01.04.2024

Faking an orgasm is a topic we pretty much rather avoid. But let’s be honest, both men and women do it sometimes. And the reasons why people do, can be quite surprising. So let’s shed some light on why people pretend and what drives them to fake it.

The reality of faking 

No one wants to end up in a situation where their partner fakes an orgasm. And yet, this often happens without us realizing it, and it doesn’t always have to do with a lack of interest in sex. Research shows that no fewer than 28% of men and 67% of women admit to having faked an orgasm before. Here are the main reasons why:

  •  Getting it over quickly

For some sex is disappointing, uncomfortable or even painful. Instead of expressing this, faking an orgasm can feel like the quickest way to end the encounter without causing conflict or hurting the other person.

  • All about the other one 

Sometimes, people find it hard to reach climax until they see their partner’s enjoying it. Instead, they may choose to sacrifice their own orgasm to please their partner before getting exhausted themselves.

  • Insecurity and pressure

For some the impossibility to climax may lead to deep feelings of frustration and self-doubt. This can stem from a lack of confidence, where they fear being labeled as inexperienced, and feel pressured to fake an orgasm to meet expectations.

  • Sexually arousing

Faking an orgasm can be just as arousing for the one faking it as for the one thinking it’s real. Sometimes, it can even be the beginning of a real orgasm, especially if they want to come at the same time as their partner. It may even induce a real orgasm with their partner.

  • Pressure to perform

Pressure to perform can take a big toll when it comes to sexual experiences. The fear of not living up to expectations, whether your own or your partner’s, can be a huge burden.

Faking an orgasm is more than just a trick to avoid an awkward moment. It’s an intriguing phenomenon with various underlying motives and emotions. But in the end, honest communication and understanding between partners may be the ultimate key to creating a satisfying and authentic sexual connection.

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