Why morningsex is the best way to start your day
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Why morningsex is the best way to start your day

By Sabine, 24.01.2022

A sweaty body from all the tossing and turning, a ghastly stink breath and a hairdo fit for a couple of nesting birds. We are not at our most alluring best when we wake up in the morning. Let’s be honest about it. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, because a lot of people are really into having morningsex. It can be a great way to start your day! And we´ll tell you why.

A positive start

Are you just not a morning person, waking up grumpy, growling at the alarm clock? Why don’t you hang out in bed for a few more moments, making good use of your lover’s morning erection. We can’t imagine a better start of the day: having great sex with your partner. 

If you don’t want to worry about the stinky breaths you can do the sexy thing while spooning. Or if you are up to a little more action, go for doggy style. 

Healthy glow

You might not be at your sexy best in the morning. But climaxing will give you a healthy glow on your face, the so-called sexy glow. It will help you shine, literally, the whole day, with a little help from the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone.

Health booster

Having sex is healthy, we don’t have to tell you that. It’s not just a mental health booster, your physical health will benefit too! You are less susceptible to diseases. Having sex on a regular basis will strengthen your immuniesystem, because it helps ellevate the immunoglobulin levels. Sounds good, right?

Dream on

Hmmm, when you just wake up you’re still a bit drowsy. Half asleep, half dreaming. It’s very hot to stay in that feeling and climb on your partner, especially when you just woke up from a sexy dream. Dreams can come true! 

Maximum arousal

Most men are ready for some action when they wake up. Testosterone levels are highest in the morning. You take a peek under the blankets. Well, hello you! 

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