Losing weight by having sex?
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Losing weight by having sex?

By Sabine, 06.04.2021

This sounds like a dream! Losing all the extra weight gained hibernating this winter by making sweet love. We are here to tell you it’s real! These are the positions that are perfect for a sex workout. 


Sure you can lose weight by having sex. But it won’t be easy. It’s all about the calories you consume and burn. If you are on your back the whole time taking it easy, it doesn’t do much for the calorie burning. Yes, that is a shame. 


Okay, so we are willing to go for it! If you want to burn as many calories as you want, you have to choose the right positions. What about the popular ‘69’? It will burn 80 calories in 15 minutes!  Or maybe our favorite ‘doggy style’ position? It will burn 125 calories. Having sex standing up though will help you burn 200 calories and will tone your leg, stomach and butt muscles. 

Stress and hunger

So getting it on will help you burn calories, but it can also help you to address the problem with the extra weight: stress hormones and hunger. Stress will make you grab those unhealthy snacks, but guess what also helps to reduce stress? Right: sex!  So if you have more sex it will help you to experience less stress and you will also be less hungry. Your brain produces a certain substance during and after sex that will keep you satisfied. When your body is satisfied it will keep you from craving snacks and sweets. So our theory is that you will refrain from snacking when you have enough sex. And the other way: if you don’t have enough sex you will fill in this need by opening the candy drawer more. Because we have the need to feel satisfied. 

Self confidence

So, sex will help you lose weight and is healthy, but it will boost your self condidence too and that might be the most important factor. When you are confident about yourself, you will enjoy sex more and have a better sexlife, which will help you lose weight!

In the end it’s not about how you look but how you feel. But being proud of your body will help you appreciate it more and it will help you live a healthier life. So go and enjoy sex! It will bring your more than you realized!

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