How to make your own sextape a great one

How to make your own sextape a great one

By Sabine, 21.02.2022

Always wondered what your lovers view is during sex? Or is the idea of looking at yourself while having sex turning you on? Good news; you don’t have to be a professional pornstar to create the perfect sextape. Just choose the perfect spot, set up a camera(phone), get into position and it’s showtime! 

Before you start

Realize what you are about to do and also what your goal is. Is this a video for your private collection only? Or do you want to share these sexual images on your special account? Whatever your goals are, realize all the consequences it can have when the video gets out there. So before you go at it, you might consider to blur your faces, wear a mask, or simply not to include your face in the images. 


Your ultimate goal is to create a horny home video that is also a feast for the eyes. Good lighting will help you a long way. When there’s not enough light the images can be grainy and you won’t be able to see all the action. Don’t stress out if you’re not able to get professional lights, regular lighting can do the trick too, take a good look around the house, bring all the lamps you can find, try out different positions. Try aiming your desk light on the ceiling and check out what that does for your images.


The golden tip to take your video to the next level: using several camera’s (phones) to film from different angles! It really looks a lot more professional when the videos show different perspectives. And be honest, it will be a lot hotter to see yourself from more sides right? Check out what your hot side is. You can also hold the camera yourself. Or alternate. It’s what they do in professional porn videos, showing different point of views – or POV’s. That’s the perfect way of experiencing your partner’s view! You can alternate POV’s by handing the camera’s to each other during. Your partner will have their hands free to do all kinds of horny acts while you are filming. 


So, we’re done with the testing phase. Ready to have the most planned sex ever. You can decide which positions and angles you will use before the sex. Or you can go with the sexual flow and see what you prefer during. Making a sextape is about having fun together. It’s not about meticulously following a script. Having a professional video is great, but having fun making it is more important. 

There are several ways to do some post processing after the taping, there are apps you can use make an easy montage or even fine tune your sexaction. Fun tip: Watch the video together and then, do it again!

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