10 health hacks for great sex

10 health hacks for great sex

By Sabine, 03.03.2022

Outside of the occasional smear test or prostate examination you might be tempted to think that medical professionals have very little help to offer sexually, but you’d be wrong there.

As it happens the healthcare profession is all about studying sexual pleasure and human satisfaction and they’ve come up with some pretty awesome, medically-inspired sex tips. Here are just 10 to get you started on a healthier sex life.

#1 Exercise Regularly

You’ve heard this before from pretty much every medical professional ever but with good reason. While the bed is tempting, human beings were made to move around in order to function optimally, and that includes in the bedroom too.

A strong core will help you hold positions, whereas good cardiovascular health will help you go harder and faster without gasping for all the wrong reasons. Don’t skip your 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity and 2 strength training sessions per week for a great sex life.

#2 Go For A Walk

Speaking of the above 150 minutes, walking is a great way to get that exercise in while also boosting mood and releasing all the relaxing and stress-busting chemicals you need to feel more receptive to sex.

Just 15 minutes out in nature will give a noticeable mood boost, according to some studies. Plus if you go out with your partner/s you can always sneak off behind some bushes for a bit of extra thrill.

#3 Get Your 7-8 Hours of Sleep

The average human needs about 7-8 hours a night to function properly. Miss even an hour per night of that and, come the end of the week, you’ve lost a full night worth of sleep, and that will all add up.

Increased low mood, decreased impulse control, appetite increase, and lowered sexual performance are some of the many side effects of missing sleep.

Don’t self-sabotage by fighting the urge to snooze. Remember: The bedroom should be strictly for sex and sleep.

#4 Keep Those Pearly Whites Healthy

Bad news for anyone who doesn’t brush as regularly as they should. A 2013 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that there was a strong link between severe forms of gingivitis and erectile dysfunction in men.

This link has been strengthened even more in 2017 with a review of the link between dental health and sexual performance. The review asserted that ‘The importance of oral health should be given by dentist and physician as a preventive medicine for not only ED but also for more serious systemic diseases in the best interest of patient health’ while also musing that dental treatment methods may also help with ED. Either way best to keep on brushing and avoid the risk altogether.

#5 Aim To Reduce Cholesterol

Too much LDL (the bad kind) cholesterol and low levels of HDL cholesterol can wreak havoc on many aspects of your life, clogging vascular systems and creating an increase in blood pressure and a difficulty in doing daily activities, let alone sex.

While it’s rare, some people with high blood pressure and vascular issues have also found that they have actually dropped dead either during on shortly after sex, so this one is about more than just performance.

Eating oats first thing in the morning, avoiding saturated fats, and reducing oil in one’s diet are all great ways to keep your cholesterol under control and your climaxes fatality-free. 

#6 Don’t Neglect Your Vitamins!

Most of us will get all the vitamins we need from our food, but a poor diet will lead to poor blood flow, energy levels, and bone density which, yes, inevitably leads to poor performance, weaker climaxes, and a general dip in libido.

While supplements are best avoided in most cases aim to try and get a good Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D supplement, especially if you live in sun-shy areas. Iron and magnesium are also useful vitamins to keep an eye on, though you’ll want to look for food sources to get these in.

#7 Befriend Beets

Sticking to the diet for a moment, beetroot has been known to help blood flow in the body and we all know how important that is for sex.

With more blood flowing to the penis or clitoris you’ll likely help counteract some sexual dysfunctions, increase genital enlargement during arousal, and experience stronger, more intense climaxes.

Opt for beetroot juice, or a light smoothie that has beetroot sneaked in to it for a quick boost, or take a beetroot supplement, if you’re going for a quickie.

#8 Incorporate ‘Foreplay’

‘Foreplay,’ as most of us know, is now a pretty outdated term but the premise of a sexual warm-up is just smart in general.

When doctors tell you to ‘engage in foreplay’ (which they do, as a standard) what they’re essentially saying is that everyone involved in sex should be given time to get aroused and to have their body reflect and feedback that arousal.

Once you’ve reached that point you’re good to go (or to keep on playing in the ‘foreplay’ zone. Whatever rocks your boat).

#9 Make Massage A Priority

Much like beetroot, massage helps improve blood flow in the body, while also relieving any tension, helping address any muscle tightness, and relaxing the mind and body.

Use massage either pre or post sex (or both) and you’ll soon be convinced by its benefits. Plus there are many great ways to make massage part of sex too, just sayin’.

#10 Do Some Dynamic Stretching

‘Dynamic what?’

Stretching! And this might just be the Ace up the sleeves of your sex life.

Most of our joints don’t start the day (or any activity) loose and ready to go. Quite the opposite, actually. The fluid that exists between joints (synovial fluid) starts off like a thick treacle, needing movement before it can soften up and become as supple as a more free-flowing as maple syrup.

Take just 5 minutes doing some moving stretches, focusing on gently increasing the range of the motions used, and you might find yourself capable of enjoying, or even getting in to, sexual positions that otherwise seem painful or uncomfortable.

Leg swings, shoulder rolls, and trunk twists are all good but you could always add in some pelvic thrusts or booty jiggles too for a bit of fun. Stretches should be specific to the planned activity, after all.

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