Want better sex? Work out more!

Want better sex? Work out more!

By Sabine, 17.01.2022

Did you purchase a really expensive yearly subscription to that cool gym and used it only once? You are not the only one! Working out on a regular basis boosts your health, both physically and mentally. But it also has a very positive effect on your sexlife! Maybe this will help you to go back to the gym. Just hear us out.

All night long

This might be an obvious statement, but sex is like a work-out, you need skills, but also stamina. If quickies aren’t your thing you’d better hit the gym to master an extensive session of lovemaking. The more you work-out, the higher your stamina will be. 

Getting orgasm more easily

Strength exercises boost your confidence, but it will also impact the quality of your sexual experience. If you exercise your pelvic muscles a few times a week, it will improve the quality of your orgasm significantly. Try vagina balls!
When your body exerts itself, it will speed up your blood flow throughout your whole body, throughout your genitals. Your clitoris and vagina will get really sensitive. Resulting in more intense climaxes. Is getting an orgasm often a problem for you? This tip will help you out reaching that climax! Yes, yes, YES! 

No stress

Working out doesn’t only affect your body, but also your mental state. Not feeling good about yourself? An intensive work-out will reduce stress, and we all know stress is a real moodkiller when it comes to sex. You will feel better when you visit the gym on a regular basis, or go running, or do an online work-out. When you work-out your body will make endorphins. We like to call it ‘the happy hormone’. That is because the hormone makes you feel happy!  The more you work-out, the higher your endorphin level will be. And when there are a lot of happy hormones flowing through your body, the easier you reach that climax. 

Whatever sport you do, you will experience both mental and physical advantages when you work-out (on a regular basis). The gym may be closed now, but don’t let that stop you. Maybe your gym gives online training, or you might want to try out some youtube exercise, or go out and run!  

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