8 ways to spice up your sex life

8 ways to spice up your sex life

By Rebecca, 29.08.2022

Fun ways to experiment with your partner if you are ready for something new!

If you’ve been looking for a way to add something spicy to your sex life, then look no further! Whether you’re bored of routine or you’re completely content, it can always be fun to try something a little different.

Here are 8 ways to experiment with your partner if you are ready for something new!

1. Role Playing

Role-playing is often the go-to for couples in movies but it doesn’t have to be cheesy! It’s the go-to in movies for a reason, and that’s because it’s a simple way to change up a routine or experiment with something different. There are different variations of role-playing. Some people go all-out and meet up in bars dressed as different people, and some people just keep it simple and put on an accent when leading their partner to the bedroom. Pick whatever feels right for you as a couple, but try it out! Lipstick and a wig can go pretty far!

2. Sex Toys

You know that this is our favourite on the list. There are so many different types of sex toys available that you can try out so many different things! If you haven’t incorporated sex toys yet, you should definitely check out the options. If you’ve already started to incorporate toys, then you can still try out something new! There are vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and masturbator sleeves! One of the best parts about sex toys is their ability to always be used with a partner. Don’t know where to start? Check out some ‘beginner’ guides on sex toy blogger sites. As always, make sure to research safe sex toy materials first.

3. Blindfolds

The first step for sensory deprivation is often the use of a blindfold. Letting go of some control in the bedroom can be completely thrilling. Is your partner going to lick you? Kiss you? Caress you? Rub you until you orgasm? Talk about your boundaries beforehand and make sure to establish a safe word so that you feel comfortable letting go for a bit. Removing your visual sense will allow you to feel everything a little bit more intensely and add some suspense to your sex session.

4. Floggers/Paddles

If you love to spank each other, try adding an extra accessory like a paddle or a flogger. Purchasing an impact toy can create a more sensual routine for spanking. Together, you can read about spanking techniques, including the need to warm up the area and also which areas are more sensitive. You can also determine if you want a “thunking” sensation or a “stinging” sensation.  Then you can spend some time testing out your newfound knowledge and finding the best thing that works for you.

5. Playing with Someone Else

This definitely isn’t for every couple, but it is a way to take your relationship to the next step if you feel that it is right for you. Check out guides for how to introduce this to your partner, and then how to take the next steps in making it happen. This requires a LOT of communication so make sure not to rush any decisions. There are different ways to bring someone new into your relationship, so discuss the ways it might be interesting for you.

6. Going to a Sex Club

If you want to experiment with voyeurism or exhibitionism, then a sex club is a great place to head to over the holidays (or really, whenever). You don’t have to play with other people or other couples. You can just stick to yourselves and do whatever you feel comfortable doing. You don’t even have to do anything sexual, you can just watch other people have fun together! Sex clubs are also great places to start playing with other people if you’re into that. Just always make sure you discuss boundaries before heading over to a sex club. You don’t want any misunderstandings to happen while you’re there, so make sure to talk it all out beforehand (and during and after).

7. Film Yourselves

Want to keep something just for you? Film yourselves and then watch it together! You don’t need any kind of professional camera because your phone should do the trick (just make sure it’s on Do Not Disturb). Save the video in a VERY safe place or promptly delete it after watching it together. Watching yourself have sex can be a scary thought at first, but hopefully you’ll quickly see how hot it can be! If you’re worried, just focus on watching how sexy your partner is.

8. Incorporate Food

Food! Food! Food! This is a super simple way to try something new in the bedroom! Even simply just feeding each other can be sensual, and then you can escalate it to licking things off of each other! Just make sure there is never any sugar put in or around the vulva (it can cause infections). There are some places that whipped cream should never go. However, there are plenty of places that are fun for it to go. 

Have you tried something different with your partner? Let us know what you did to take your sex life to the next level!

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