8 reasons sex is so healthy

8 reasons sex is so healthy

By Sabine, 01.03.2021

Most of us are into a good session of lovemaking, right? But did you know that it’s not just really hot, it’s also very healthy! For several reasons. Read all of them and have even more fun in the bedroom. 😉

Less stress

Yes, yes, no more stress. Well, less of it, at least. Whether you’re doing it with yourself or with a partner, the substance that is released will give you a relaxed feeling. This will reduce your stress. So throw out your stress ball (and go for the other balls…).


A quickie before bedtime? We highly recommend it. Sex, an orgasm inparticularly, will help you sleep tight. During the sex several substances are releases that have a calming effect. Are you tossing and turning? Just have sex, baby! 

Beautiful skin

Who needs skincare when sex has all the answers! During sex you sweat and produce estrogene. This helps clean up your pores. And your skin will be nice and smooth.


Are you sad? Sex will make you feel better. Couples that have sex twice a week appear to be happier than people who don’t. An orgasm will boost your mood and will make you happier. 

Burning calories

If you want to burn some extra calories you should definitely hop in the sack together. During a good session of lust you will burn more than 100 calories. You will even train your pelvic and leg muscles during sex! The perfect workout right? 

Increasing fertility

Do you have a baby wish? Having sex regulary can help to activate spermcells for a longer time and this helps the sperm quality too. So it has a clear positive influence. Another reason to have even more sex ! 

More intimacy

During the sex the substance oxycotine is released. This will boost the feeling of trust when you are with your partner and will help strengthen your relationship. Your intimacy will grow.

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