The best positions for anal sex
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The best positions for anal sex

By Janna, 07.05.2023

Some are crazy for some ‘backdoor lovin’ while others are just horrified by the idea. As far as we’re concerned, the latter’s not necessary. Anal sex can be very good. Especially if you go for the right positions, anal stimulation can be very enjoyable. In fact; the positions make the experience. Anal sex often requires a bit more preparation though. And it’s not always wise to try that one wild favorite position, especially if you’re not advanced in this area yet. To give you a pleasurable experience, we’ve listed the best positions for anal sex. 

1. Missionary

    Did you think missionary was boring? Think again! Certainly with anal sex, this can be a very intimate position. And let’s be honest, anal already feels much more intimate in itself. Missionary is a classic position for a reason. Because you lie comfortably on your back, you can relax completely. And lying so relaxed, you will experience the least discomfort. Perfect for first timers!

    2. Spooning

    Spooning is also a position in which you can relax completely. So, the perfect condition for making anal sex completely painless. What’s so good about this position is that both you and your lover have your hands free to touch each other. With those free hands, you can even add toys to the scene. 

    3. On top

    Does anal make you a bit nervous? Or do you just like to be in control? Then choose this position. The recipient sits on top, just like with cowgirl. That way, you determine how deep and hard you go. At the same time, the person lying down has a fantastic view!

    4. On your stomach

    This position is a mix between missionary and doggy. You lie on your stomach, in a relaxed way and your lover takes ‘the backdoor’. A kinky, but also intense and intimate position! The recipient can relax easily, but also relinquishes control.

    5. Doggy-style

    Are you ready for a bit more excitement and would you like things a little rougher? Then doggy-style is a winner! This position is already exciting on its own, but especially when you throw anal into the mix! If you want, you can even push off the wall to feel him even deeper. This may all sound like music to your ears, but keep in mind that this is not the best position for your first anal experience.

    Some general tips

    It goes without saying to use a lot of lubricant in all positions to make penetration run smoothly. Make sure you communicate well with each other and listen to your body. Especially the first time, it’s very important to take things easy and not force anything.

    You can choose to rinse everything clean beforehand, but not everyone likes this and if you do it too often, it can be detrimental to your intestinal flora. Another easy option is to use a condom. If a bit of dirt is involved, it ends up on the condom which you can simply remove after sex. If you switch between anal and vaginal sex, don’t forget to change condoms in between as the bacteria present in and around the anus can cause bladder and yeast infections if they come into contact with the vagina.

    Now that you’ve read through all the tips and know a number of great positions, we can only say: go for it and enjoy!

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