Erotic Story: Done chatting
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Done chatting

By Yentl, 02.06.2022

The door of the showerbuilding swings open creating a loud bang. Emma looks at me startled. She’s in the stall across from me, the campsite is nearly empty and with just the two of us we decided to keep our shower doors open so we could keep chatting. 

“Babe? Are you here?”, someone yells as I am about to shut my door. It’s David, Emma’s boyfriend, we are relieved to find out. “Are you chatting and showering at the same time again?”, he asks while he enters the room with a big smile on his face. “Yes, are you in?”, Emma answers playfully. David takes a quick look around and, against our expectation he starts to undress. 

“You don’t mind, do you?”, he asks while he gets into the shower with Emma. I’m a bit nervous, dumbfounded really, I am in doubt about closing the door to my stall. I realize I really don’t want to, I can’t help myself inspecting David’s body from head to toe. From his blond hair to the muscles in his back to his firm buttocks, which I would like to bite into. My stomach starts to tingle and the warm water jet suddenly feels sweltering hot.

Behind David I see Emma peeking over his shoulder mimicking ‘sorry’. 

“So, what were you talking about?” David asks while turning around. 

The nerves are racing through my body. My best friend’s boyfriend is standing fully naked in front of me, without any shame and I just can’t take my eyes off him. The showerdrops make their way down his firm chest and onto his, oh my god, big and erect penis. 

An unprecedented longing blasts through my body. “Oh nothing really, we had just finished talking,” Emma replies.

“Hey Manon, do you mind if I do this?”

With a surprised look on my face I see how he fills his hand with one of Emma’s breasts. 

“Oh, I’m sorry”, he continues, “I just can’t help touching her”. 

Somehow I manage to smile in a way normal people would be ashamed of. 

David gets behind Emma and places his fingers between her legs. “Babe, save this for later,” Emma tries, but David doesn’t seem impressed.

“I’m just giving you something to chat about”.

She gives me a startled look while he starts to kiss her neck and buries his fingers inside her. I want to turn away, really, but I don’t seem to remember how. I realize I’m lucky to even remember how to breath. Transfixed, I watch as he rolls her nipple between his fingertips and slides his fingers in and out of her. When she starts to moan softly, I can feel my heart beating faster. 

“Do you like it?” David asks.

“Yes,” Emma gasps.

“Great honey, but I asked Manon.”

I can’t seem to create any form of language and experience tingling in my lower body as erotic shocks are firing down, between my legs. 

“Your turn!” David shouts suddenly as he withdraws his fingers and turns Emma around. 

For a moment she looks up to me over her shoulder, as if she expects me to give her permission, then gets on her knees and starts to suck his penis. There she goes, my best friend, her hair tangles in his hands and her mouth full. While David is encouraging her loudly I am shocked to realize he’s looking straight at me. It makes me nervous and very horny at the same time. It’s impossible to focus on anything else. A deviated stone, dirt on the floor, a spider somewhere in a corner, there is nothing else and so I look at Emma’s head bouncing back and forth.

With a boyish playfulness David looks at me and I see his mouth creating just the words I need: do it. With my eyes on him I start to pleasure myself. My fingers are nearly sucked in by my enormous desire. The heat is raging through my body, a heat that the shower can’t match. I see how Emma pleasures him, how the water slides down her back and finally reaches the floor through her sexy bottom. I watch David getting a tighter grip of her hair, then I find his eyes again.

Cursing, he announces that he is about to come. Even when he releases himself into Emma’s mouth, he doesn’t take his eyes off me. When Emma gets up, he presses her back against the wall. He lifts her leg around his waist and then begins to kiss her passionately under the running shower. They‘re just as horny as I am.

As soon as they are done kissing, he lifts her up and thrusts himself deep inside her. Emma’s moans are echoing through the shower stalls.

“Oh shit”, she’s panting and looking at me confused. 

In her eyes I see that she, like me, does not know what is happening, but also makes no effort to prevent it.

“Will you come a little closer?” David asks curiously.

With a mix of tension, horniness and discomfort I walk out of my shower cubicle.

Emma has her arms folded tightly around his neck and David holds out a hand to me, as if to welcome me. Breathing uncontrollably, I stand next to Emma against the wall and wait to see what happens.

David forces my legs apart, places his thumb firmly against my clit and slides two fingers in. Alternately massaging my most sensitive spot.

On the dark and quiet campsite, in the middle of the shower building, I let David finger me to my climax. Meanwhile, he fucks my best friend diligently. 

I can say with certainty that we will never stop chatting about this one.

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