Why faking is a bad idea
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Why faking is a bad idea

By Sabine, 25.01.2021

Believe it or not: almost everyone has faked an orgasm before. Men too? Yes, men too! Apart from 67% of the women, around 28% of the men pretend to have climaxed. We think that’s just a bad idea! 

Why people fake it

We don’t have all the time in the world. We have to check off an enormous list every day. If we do have the time for sex, it normally can’t go on for hours. A lot of people fake it because they think it’s just taking too long. And when your bed partner is counting on it, you wouldn’t want them to wait so long. To avoid awkward moments they decide to fake that climax

Women fake their climax by moaning really hard, moving a bit more and then saying something like “That was great honey”. But with men it’s a bit more complex. Because, well, there’s the proof he came! So how do they fake?  We imagine they thrust faster, moan harder and then muffle away the empty condom. 

Don’t fake it till you make it

So, while we understand why people choose to fake their orgasm once in a while, we’d like to point out it is bad for your sexlife. If you have sex with the same person again, he or she will likely play out the same moves, because they think they are working. If you want to have good and pleasurable sex it is very important that you say what you like and what you don’t like. So Fake it until you make it, is not the way to go in this case! 

First aid 

A happy ending is certainly not a must to make the sex great. But it does put the cherry on top we must say!  So how can you help your partner to reach an orgasm or to give you one?  You can start by sharing about your sexual wants, stuff that makes you horny. For example: “I like it if we do it doggy style and you pull my hair”. During sex you can also help your partner by guiding them through the simple areas, by saying “harder/softer” and “more to the left/right”. It might be weird when you start, but it’s worth the try, trust us. Your lover will thank you for it!  If you get the hang of it more, you can perform a show for your partner, and show them how to do it. That’s not only very exciting for them, but they can watch, enjoy and learn! 

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