What’s In A Hairstyle? Wigs and You
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What’s In A Hairstyle? Wigs and You

By Emmeline Peaches, 09.12.2019

Have you ever seen a movie where a woman flips their hair to one side, gently brushes it out of her face, or has it blow suggestively back in the wind? Have you ever thought about grapping your partner’s hair, tugging it tightly and going just that little deeper in to her? Or have you ever decided to play with gender or identity through the use of hair? 

If so then you likely have a notion of the importance of hair when it comes to sex and sexual identity. 

Sex and Hair

Even if you’ve paid no attention to hair and it’s relation to sex, you’ve probably heard the saying that ‘Blondes have more fun’ or that red heads are more fiery, demonstrating just how much of an investment we confer to hair and its various different nuances when it comes to sexual empowerment and personality. 

In fact, the link is so compelling that it’s been studies by researchers. Nicolas Guéguen of Université de Bretagne-Sud conducted two separate studies of women and men in nightclubs with the goal of observing how hair colour can impact courtship. Wigs were placed on individuals and then the degree to which they were approached was observed. Interestingly blonde women were approached more whereas hair colour seemed to have less impact overall for men. Overall, a link between hair colour and the amount of sexual attention they got was easy to observe.

But what can your everyday person take away from this link? 

The answer is in Guéguen’s methods; he used wigs to play around with different sexual expectations and propositions. 

Wigs…and sex. 

There’s potential there. 

The Benefits of a Wig

Wigs can make a great sexual tool for a myriad of different reasons.

The first is obvious – he visual appeal of different hair styles and colours. 

As much as we might like our current hairstyle, it can be nice to mix it up every now and then or to explore a different look. Different wigs frame the face in different ways, whereas different colours can change the way that our partner (or potential partners) brain perceives us in terms of confidence and allure. 

Some hairstyles, though lovely, can also take a lot of effort to grow or may simply be inaccessible to some people. Wigs circumvent the difficulty of this by offering that style with near immediacy, especially for those who prefer shorter hair during everyday living. 

Then, of course, there is the confidence and identity element of wig play.

We all know that confidence boost (or apprehensive cringe) that comes from getting a new hair cut or style. Whether we are conscious of it or not, our hair can play a huge role in how good we feel about us and how we act. 

Different wigs can, therefore, give you the opportunity to explore different parts of your personality, gain new degrees of confidence, or introduce more playfulness to a sexual relationship or play session. If you usually have short hair then suddenly being able to swish around long locks may feel tactile and giddy. Whereas if you have longer hair and want to rock a bob you might find that you feel more contained and sharp with a sleek black Domme-style wig. 

These are just two options but, really, the possibilities are as endless as the amount of wigs out there to purchase.

Then, of course, there’s the roleplay element. 

Wigs don’t just bring with them emotions – they can also shift identity. This can be used as part of a grander identity shift during something like a sexual roleplay. There are many pastel rainbow wigs, for example, that are great for unicorn roleplays (unicorns are in right now, don’t you know?) and many that play in to the above-mentioned Dominatrix persona. 

Because that’s what wigs confer – a persona – one that you can use to your sexual benefit if yourself and your partner/s are willing. 

Some Important Notes

Before you dive in to wig play, however, it’s important to highlight a few standard protocols that come with wearing a wig. 

If you want to get the best out of your wig usage then you’ll also want to invest in a good wig cap and some hair clips. This will allow you to securely put your wig in place and make sure that it doesn’t go crooked (or fall off entirely) during use. 

It’s also important that you check what is involved in the care and maintenance of the wig/s that you’ve selected. Many wigs have common care guides but it always pay to check twice. 

Oh and, as appealing as wigs might be in terms of aesthetics, they really aren’t cut out for hair pulling, nor do they smell and act in exactly the same way as normal hair. This is something to consider, especially if you value rough sex or intend to use wigs as part of a hair fetish. 

Give these points some consideration, however, and you should be able to utilize wigs sexually with confidence. The benefits above might be what entices you to try a wig, but your experiences will be what ultimately dictates your enjoyment levels. 

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