Must try in the weekend: rough sex
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Must try in the weekend: rough sex

By Sabine, 31.10.2019

Spending a romantic evening together definitely has its charms. Just imagine: a long and intense round of foreplay, an extensive make out session while stroking each other before actually starting the deed. But sometimes, you’re just in the mood for something completely different and you just want to be manhandled. Us women often find it difficult to express our wants when it comes to rough sex and trying out sexual positions. Often, this difficulty comes from a place of sexual shame or fear of losing face. But believe us: your partner will be thankful if you communicate your desires.

Kinky foreplay

Rough sex doesn’t automatically mean that you skip foreplay— quite the opposite. You don’t need to miss out on the kissing, stroking, massaging and oral sex. You just have to give it a kinky twist! For example, try nibbling on his lower lip when you’re kissing him, or let him know you’re turned on by putting your nails into his back. Playfully nibble on his ear or tell him to smack your ass while you’re giving him a blow job. I like it rough!

A quickie in the car

The car is definitely the perfect place for a quickie. Imagine coming from a birthday and being a little tipsy. Seduce your partner by taking off your clothes one by one, by kissing them in the neck, and putting your hand on their thigh. Make your lover lust after you, but also make sure they keep their eyes on the road. Is it getting too heated for safe driving? In that case, immediately park your car somewhere along the road and jump on his or her lap, or move your activities to the back-seat, or even to the car hood (if you really want to make it exciting)! The perfect occasion to try out some new positions!

Kinky missionary

The missionary position is without a doubt the most well-loved position by Dutch couples. It’s perhaps not the first thing you think of when you’re thinking about rough sex, but this position can definitely get kinky. Before you move to the bed, make sure there’s a long scarf or cord nearby. When it’s time, get the scarf out, and let your lover tie you to the bed. Then, continue having sex, missionary style. Is this still not rough enough for you? Then let him grab you by the neck. If you want to give this a try, discuss which ways of choking you’re comfortable with beforehand. As always, pleasure is our main goal here! 

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