How to warm up your partner during these cold months
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How to warm up your partner during these cold months

By Janna, 23.01.2023

It’s rather cold and since we’re still in the middle of winter, it’s likely the cold will be with us for a while still. So this is just the perfect time to warm up your partner in the bedroom with a stimulating massage, massage candle included! That’s bound to raise the temperature in no time. And, another plus, your partner will undoubtedly find a way to thank you for it afterwards. Now, isn’t that a nice win-win situation.

Give an erotic massage

Put away your phones, make sure to create the right ambiance and put on some nice background music. And by nice we mean something relaxing, not the heavy metal top 1000, unless that kind of music usually puts them to sleep of course. Light some candles and get out your most attractive lingerie set. Just a little tip: don’t give the massage on your bed. A bed is often too soft and you probably don’t care for oil stains on the duvet either. So it’s better to create a comfortable spot on the floor with towels and pillows. That way you have more space to move around and bend over backwards to spoil your lover with a full-body massage. To heat things up even more, you can use a massage candle.

What is a massage candle?

We can practically hear you think: wouldn’t that be a bit too hot? Well, actually no, that’s not the case. Because of their low ignition temperature, massage candles are safe, so you won’t give your lover any burns. You want to make sure that they can completely relax and surrender. Boiling-hot candle wax has the opposite effect and would probably make them squirm in agitation instead of enjoying a relaxing massage. So, never use an ordinary candle for your sensual massage! They might look the same, but the effect is completely different. 

Which massage candle should you choose?

Okay, now that you are more familiar with the massage candle phenomenon, it’s time to dive a bit deeper into the possibilities. Because another important factor besides ambiance and background music is the fragrance filling the room. Feeling totally relaxed and being massaged with a divine fragrance, now wouldn’t that make any person happy? The fragrance choice is very personal, and luckily there are plenty of variants. From tropical or flowery scents, to vanilla, chocolate, or even ocean, there are so many options on the market. Does that make it hard to choose? Tip: just think like your partner and what they would go for. Which scent would they really like? Maybe you can even come up with their favourite.

Pouring spout

Very convenient! Some massage candles come with a pouring spout. These are a bit more expensive, but they do make it a lot easier to dose the oil and pour it more evenly on the body. Using a spout, you also spill less and reduce the chance of stains and making a mess!

More advanced

Are you already familiar with giving, or receiving, an erotic massage and completely ready to add some extra spice to the relaxation? Then you can choose to buy an SM candle instead of a massage candle. The candle wax of an SM candle is a bit warmer and so also a bit more painful. Which is right in the vein of SM! 

Do you have no experience, but this all does sound like music to your ears? Then by all means, explore things together and enjoy!

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