How to keep your sexlife healthy
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How to keep your sexlife healthy

By Sabine, 29.11.2021

It’s not only about trying out new stuff and masturbating on a regular basis. A healthy sexlife is also about the well-being of your body and your vagina! We’re not going to tell you to treat your body as a temple, but a bit of self care can go a long way. 

Vagina’s and the big pH 

Sound familiar:  you had sex with a guy and the next day it starts to smell really funky down there. It happens! Did you know sperm can really influence the fluctuation of your vajayjay’s pH value? That’s why its important not to fall alseep right after sex (tempting as it may be) but visit the bathroom first. 

Be sure to take the time and urinate after sex to help decrease the chance on infections. Then wash your vagina with water. No soaps or special washes needed, they will confuse the pH value even more.

Several sexpartners or monogamous?

If you’re having sex with several people the use of condoms is non-negotiable really.  Someone can say they’re STD-free, but you can never be sure, so stand firm on your principles, you’ll thank yourself later! Does your bed partner refuse to be safe? Find someone else who will! 

Listen to your body

Your body is active 24/7 and it will let you know when to take it easy. Don’t ignore those signals! Have you had a lot of sex and do you feel tired or low in energy? Listen to your body and take a break. Plan a night to relax, have a bath or a hot shower, enjoy your favorite meal and you will be ready to go at it in no time! 

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