What you need to know about sex after birth
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What you need to know about sex after birth

By Sabine, 10.12.2020

You have just given birth, or maybe you are about to pop. You are starting to wonder about your sexlife after pregnancy. It might scare you a little and maybe you don’t want to think about it just yet. Why don’t you start by reading our guide to having sex after birth. We hope you will feel confident again and most importantly: enjoy yourself again! 

The big When

So, you are really eager to get back in the saddle (chances are small, trust me) the recommandation is to wait for at least 6 weeks before you start having vaginal sex. All the bleeding has to have stopped, stitches should be resolved or removed, all the wounds have to be healed. Our advice: just forget about vaginal sex the first few weeks. 

The mental aspect

It’s not just about you being physically ready to have sex. You have to be into it mentally too. Are you not feeling it yet? It’s okay to wait a little longer. Are you dreading ‘the first time’?  Share your fears with your partner! Take small steps and focus on the foreplay. Take a shower together, or enjoy (getting) a massage. 

What to expect

The first time after giving birth will not be super great. You are probably a bit drier than you are used to, so we advise you to use lube. There’s also a chance that you will get cramps after sex. If this is the case a hot water bottle will help. An orgasm can even feel a bit like having a contraction, because your muscle tissue is still very sensitive. 

If you are breastfeeding we advise you to pump some milk first, because there is a big change your boobs will be leaking when you get aroused.

Playing it safe!

You must remember that you are completely fertile again after giving birth. Some people say chances are even bigger to get pregnant again right after giving birth.  So do not forget to use protection and play it safe!  Unless you want to get pregnant right away ofcourse…

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