An ecosexual bathhouse for loving the earth

An ecosexual bathhouse for loving the earth

By Sabine, 16.04.2020

It’s provocative, it’s art, it’s activism, and a little bit horny. If you’re passionate about nature and environmentally conscious, this might just be your thing.

In Sydney, Australia, the worlds’ first ecosexual bath house is open for visitors as part of the LiveWorks Festival of experimental art. It offers a warm embracing environment equipped for many varieties of eco-play

The services at the bathhouse include a Windplay zone, where they will caress you with a loving breeze, the latest eco-porn, hourly bee swarms (a ‘honey tsunami’), 100% post-consumer sauna chamber and if you consider that enough foreplay, enjoy the available ‘professional metamorphosing mistress’ to fulfil your dark eco cravings…   

The ecosexual bathhouse is an initiative by Pony Express and they see this piece as a part of a much larger movement: ecosexuality. This movement owes its spreading notoriety to artists and couple Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens. Though this concept has been around in various forms for centuries, they were the first and only to create the Ecosex Manifesto. In short, this announces the Earth is their lover and showing affection is part of a mutual and sustainable relationship.

With their movement they want to make the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse.

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