Everything you wanted to know about Yoni- eggs
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Everything you wanted to know about Yoni- eggs

By Sabine, 22.10.2020

Have you ever heard of Yoni-eggs? Egg shaped rocks created to insert into your vagina helping you train your pelvic muscles. The popularity of Yoni-eggs skyrocketed when Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, started to sell them around 2017. They are also referred to as Jade eggs, but they’re not necessarily made of jade. Apart from the pelvic benefits, it is supposed to have a crystal healing quality, it all depends on what kind of stone is used. Let us tell you all there is to know about Yoni -eggs! 

What is a Yoni-egg?
A Yoni-egg is a smooth stone that is polished enough to be egg shaped and not porous, to insert into your vagina. The word Yoni is Sanskrit and means ‘uterus’, in modern use it refers to yoni as the vulva or vagina.

What does a Yoni-egg do?
The Yoni-eggs has two benefits. For starters the weight of the egg is meant to be used as a pelvic muscle ball, secondly, its material is meant to use the healing powers of crystal energy. It is said that the Yoni-eggs can reduce PMS, balance your hormones and increase your libido

How do you pick the right Yoni-egg?
The average Yoni-egg is around 1.7 – 1.9 inches long and 1.2 –  1.3 inches wide. It all depends on the size of your vagina and the tightness of your pelvic muscles when choosing the right egg for you. It all differs. Did you just start to exercise your pelvic muscles, or have you given birth recently?  We advise you to choose a bigger, or an average sized egg. You should really feel it. You can try out smaller ones in the long run. 

How do you use a Yoni-egg?
You insert the egg with the help of some lube. Take your time, small steps. Start off by just inserting the egg, save the exercises for a next time. If the inserting works smoothly you can start exercising your pelvic muscles. This is mostly about tightening and releasing your muscles. 

How do you remove a Yoni-egg?
Starters can use an egg with a small hole in it, for attaching a string. This way removing the egg will be very easy. When you are more experienced you can remove it by using your pelvic muscles.

How do you clean a Yoni-egg?
You clean the Yoni-egg with water and a mild soap. 

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