8 Reasons To Use Lubricant
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8 Reasons To Use Lubricant

By Rebecca, 03.08.2020

Change your sex life for the best.

Lubricant seems to have a bad name. It is often portrayed in movies and other media to be necessary when something is “wrong.” Well, we are here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using lubricant. In fact, there are so many good things about using some lube! It changed our sex life for the best, so hopefully it can add a little something special to yours. As always, it is totally normal if you don’t like it either, but we think it is worth a try before you rule it out as an option.

As a note: lubricant is not regulated, which means there are all sorts of chemicals used by different manufacturers. Thankfully, there are sex bloggers online that can provide more information about which lubes are safe to use. Always do your research before purchasing one.

This is why you should use lube:

1. Dryness
The most commonly discussed reason to use lubricant is vaginal dryness. Dryness can occur because of so many reasons. It can be influenced by age, menstrual cycle, medical complications, medications, etc. Sometimes it just happens for no real reason. Sometimes you’re super turned on but your body is just taken its sweet time to respond and get on the same page. Lubricant can create wetness for the entire duration of your session or until your body starts producing its own lubricant. Dryness does not have to be a bad thing, and is not a direct reflection of attraction. There are plenty of reasons for dryness, but if you find a sudden change, you should talk to your doctor.

2. Helps Condoms
Sometimes condoms can dry out or cause dryness, even though they are already lubricated. The friction can use up all of the lube so a reapplication might be necessary. Less friction also means that a condom is less likely to break, so there’s more than one good reason to have a bottle of lube nearby. As well, putting a drop of lubricant inside of the condoms can feel really great for a penis.

3. Flavour
Flavoured lubes can modify or even enhance oral sex. It doesn’t mean that genitals taste gross – it is just a different effect and experience. Using lubricant during oral sex can also be beneficial so you don’t have to produce as much saliva! If you want to add flavours to your sex life, don’t use sugar-rich foods like whipped cream of honey that can cause infections. Instead, pick up a flavoured lube and have some fun with the different tastes.

4. Anal Sex
The anus does not self-lubricate, which means that adding a lubricant is absolutely essential. Use as much lube as you need – there isn’t really a thing as “too much lube.” While you’re figuring out what feels good, just keep adding more lube if you need more lube. There are anal-specific lubricants available on the market. They aren’t necessary, but they might be interesting to purchase if you plan on using them often.

5. Intimate Massages
Using your hands and fingers to massage genitals or give various types of hand jobs can be great. They can be even greater with some lubricant! Use the slippery effects to your advantage for the massage. It can provide a totally new sensation and might even make “giving” a little bit easier (or even more fun!). Your massages don’t even have to lead to anything else. They can just be a fun way to rub down your partner.

6. Sex Toys
Using lubricant with sex toys can provide different sensations. Sex toy insertion might prove to be easier with added lubricant. As well, the lube can act as a “buffer” on your clitoris to provide a different intensity or wave of vibrations. It can provide a more fluid sensation with your toys. Just remember that most silicone sex toys should not be used with most silicone lubricants. Always do a spot test to check if you’re keen on using silicone and silicone.

7. Replace Spit
Spit is filled with bacteria and not-so-great things. If you are prone to infections, then using a safe lubricant might help reduce them. Of course, everyone is different, but it might be worth a try. Lubricant can last longer than spit, too!

8. More fun
Using lubricant can add to the fun! It can provide a new sensation during sex for all partners involved!

If you haven’t used lubricant during a session with yourself or with a partner, we would suggest testing it out! It can be a lot of fun to add a different feel, reduce pressure of any dryness, add a new flavour or just experiment with something new! As mentioned, do some research before purchasing a lubricant to make sure that you’re putting a quality product on your body. Otherwise, do what you want with it! Have fun!

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