Everything you should know about the P-spot and its stimulation
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Everything you should know about the P-spot and its stimulation

By Janna, 13.02.2023

That women have a G-spot is probably no secret to you. You know, that hot spot that gets stimulated during penetration. Did you know that men have a similar hot spot? For men, this sensitive spot is known as the P-spot and we’re happy to give you some pointers!

The P-spot

The P in P-spot stands for, you might have already guessed, prostate. You can find the P-spot when you insert a finger anally. The spot is located in the lower abdomen, just below the bladder and near the anus. Point your finger in the direction of his belly and there you are! Just like the G-spot, it has a spongy structure. By the way, did you know it has never been proven whether the G-spot exists, but the P-spot definitely does? Say what?!

It’s also good to know that the prostate is more than a pleasant spot. Because this gland produces fluid. Fluid which is released together with sperm during ejaculation and it ensures sperm cells can survive longer, so pretty relevant.

The advantages

Stimulating the P-spot induces a fairly intense sensation. Which of course is very enjoyable for him. But it’s also healthy to regularly stimulate the P-spot. Doing so reduces prostate problems as bacteria are also excreted. But there is an even better advantage: it improves the blood circulation in his genitals. Which makes him get harder and his hard-on lasting longer too! Giving you… Extra-long romps! So, stimulating his P-spot has enough benefits for you too. A win-win!

How to stimulate it

The P-spot can be stimulated both internally and externally. Are you a bit skeptical and not ready for penetration yet? Then you can start with external stimulation. You do this by touching the perineum, which is the piece of skin between his penis and anus. You can use your fingers or your tongue for this. We bet this already has a pleasant effect!

Do you want to go all out and are you interested in internal stimulation? Then, as noted before, you can insert a finger into his anus and move it in the direction of his abdomen. Side note: use lube, which makes it easier to enter and a lot more pleasant for him. And although long nails are beautiful, they’re not very pleasant with this form of stimulation.


Isn’t this really your thing, but do you still want to take your lover to higher heights? We have good news for you. There are also plenty of toys you can use to stimulate his P-spot. In fact, there are even toys that stimulate the P-spot both internally and externally. Double pleasure with minimal effort. 

Whichever option you go for, your experimentation and its outcome won’t disappoint either of you. Have fun!

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