Better sex starts with self love

Better sex starts with self love

By Sabine, 12.05.2022

Many women only masturbate when they are single or when their partner is away for some time and they miss out. But having sex with yourself can be the perfect solution when the sexlife with your partner is a totall snoozefest. 

Love yourself

The female body is different from the male and reaching that climax is not always so easy for women. It’s important that you know what works for you. Find out what turns you on, what gets you started, where you like to be touched and what’s your favorite pace. The best way to find out your likes and dislikes is to do the research. Start by reading erotic stories or watch porn for women. Discover your body. Take your time doing this. It’s not just to enjoy yourself, you can actually share your findings with your partner and apply this together. You can even show your partner where to touch you, this will help build the tension. 

Boost your sexdrive

Going on a sexual solotour wil increase your lust for sex. If you are stuck in a rut some sex with yourself can be just the thing you need. Masturbating will take less effort (and energy) than having sex with another person. You just have to care about…yourself! Nothing is keeping you from having sex. And it will help you to hold on to your sexdrive. That is important for yourself and for your partner. The more you pleasure yourself, the higher your sexdrive will be. And for your partner the same, if they maturbate more often, their sexdrive will improve. So grant each other these sexual solo moments, you will both profit for sure. 

More fun

The most important reason the spark is out of your relationship is your busy schedules. Work and social obligations often come first. Sex comes last, if it still is on your agenda. Before you know it it has been weeks or even months. To prevent this from happening it’s important to realize sex is not something you should check off your list but sex is fun! Masturbating can really help in this realization. It can help prevent predictability. The thought of performing the same act all over again doesn’t help your sexdrive. Why don’t you buy some new toys? Try them with your partner. Using sextoys in the bedroom can really spice things up, it’s new and exciting, nothing predictable about that. It’s how you bring back the spark and have fun in the bedroom. 

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