11 things women find wildly attractive about men
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11 things women find wildly attractive about men

By Sabine, 16.08.2021

What do women really like? What makes them tick? We will give you all the answers! (disclaimer; women have different tastes and types, we know, but let us narrow it down for you!)

Just as pretty

Women like men that are just as pretty as they are. They love it when he shares the same amount of prettiness. This is not something we just made up. The University of California studied the behavior of 60 straight guys and 60 straight girls during online dating. They found that the respondents gave people who were prettier or uglier a dislike. Remember people, real beauty comes from within. And a great personality goes a long way, longer than a pretty face. 

Older men

Women tend to fall for older men in general, and well, look at George Clooney, you understand right? Older men appear to have more self confidence, and that’s just really hot. It might be the accomplished status they have. Of course, there are exceptions.


Nothing is more attractive than a man who takes initiative, stands by his decisions, knows what he wants but is modest at the same time. Women appreciate it when they know they’re wrong and own up to their mistakes. Women appreciate good communication and want to know where he stands. Also don’t forget you planned a date on her birthday!

Be nice

According to a Chinese study people think you are prettier when you are nice. They showed women various pictures of men. The pictures were accompanied with character traits: sweet, nice, gentle, sincere, or aggressive, cheater, and mean. The women valued the nice men much better. So be nice! 


The way to a men’s hearts is through…, yeah, well, the way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach! There’s nothing hotter than a man moving around the kitchen with confidence and souplesse. Especially when he cooks her favorite foods. With women working full time more and more, a man who can cook is a must! And after that you can use the kitchen for different hot stuff. 

A sense of humor

Women like funny guys – a lot. Unless they’re doing sexist jokes, be gone guys! Several studies proved this fact, according to a study by Northumbria University people look upon humor as a sign that a person is not only of intellect but also the social type. Very important rule of attraction! 

Animal friend

Why animals? Well. The image of a guy walking his dog is very attractive to most women. He shows he cares about other creatures, he is responsible, sweet, devoted and gentle. Often these are the exact traits a woman wants her perfect man to have. So next time you go for a walk, bring a dog, you might score yourself a date.


Don’t be the cool guy that is too confident and loves himself too much. That scares women off, we promise. Be proud of your accomplishments, but don’t talk about them the whole night. Be confident in how you look, straight shoulders, chin up and look like you are ready to conquer the world. So sexy! 


Everybody likes to have someone listen to them, so don’t talk about yourself the whole time. A man who sincerely listens to a woman gives her a feeling of respect and appreciation, and that is all she needs! A bad listener comes off as cold, uninterested and without any respect, not something you want.


A man with a plan is super sexy and a man that is motivated to chase his goal even more. It doesn’t really matter what that goal is, it’s just really hot when someone is passionate about something. It’s not even necessary to be the best in your field, as long as you keep chasing your dreams. If you are a passionate guy, you can be a passionate lover! 

Gentleman in red

Color just does something with people. According to a study women are more attracted to men when they wear something red. The colour red makes women feel more sexual feelings. And because red is mostly a bright colour, men are associated with energy, passion and attractiveness. So dive into your closet!

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