Best after sex food
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Best after sex food

By Sabine, 17.05.2021

You can be absolutely famished after sex! You must know this feeling, right? It’s only natural, because sex takes a lot of our energy which we need to replenish. But what snacks are perfect for this occasion? We know!


If you want to hold on to that romantic atmosphere we recommend strawberries. The delicious fruit will elevate the sexhormones and your libido! Very handy if you want to go for a second round.


When is chocolate nót a good idea? But the combination sex and chocolate makes everything even better! Chocolate will replenish your energy and elevates your mood at the same time (well, we hope the sex already did that for you, but we call it a win-win). 


An American study has proven that pizza is the best after sex food! What? Yeah, we knew it! We also know that sharing delicious food will increase the connection between a couple, so if you both love pizza, this is the perfect match.  


Smoking after sex is just one of these classic after sex things to do. They call it ‘an orgasm cigarette’. It is supposed to be the cherry on top and the best way to end the happy ending. It calms the body and the mind and sharing a cigarette creates a bond. Some people think it’s sexy to smoke because of the naughty, bad, exciting vibe. Be aware of the addictive aspect though.


You might not feel up to it, cooking up pasta in the middle of the night. But after a nooner, this is what you should eat! Pasta is filled with protein and that’s exactly what your body needs after all that action. It also helps with muscle recovery! And it’s a good way to impress your partner with your cooking skills.

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