Can a condom cause erectile dysfunction?
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Can a condom cause erectile dysfunction?

By Sabine, 27.09.2021

Men often criticize the use of a condom. Some complain it numbs the feeling and even diminishes their erection. Is there any truth to this? And how can we help?


According to several surveys around 30 to 40% of the men lose their erection while putting on a condom. It’s probably the anxiety that causes it. Some men already get nervous when the wrapper gets opened. Suddenly they realise that ‘it’s on’ and he has to perform. Especially when he has a previous experience of losing his erection when putting on a condom. We understand, sex is exciting in many ways, you don’t want something to go wrong. The fear of not performing well will only make the pressure bigger. It’s not only about those parts, your mind has a lot to say about it too! 

Sexual sensation

A penis can get flaccid because of the lack of sexual sensations because of the condom. It can take longer to climax (which isn’t a bad thing right?). Maybe it’s the fact that you ‘pause’ the sex to put on the condom that makes him lose the erection. Maybe the condom feels uncomfortable because it’s not the right size. It has to be tight ofcourse, but not too tight! Most people tend to use this as an excuses not to wear a condom during sex though, while everybody knows it’s just safer to have sex with a condom. 

What to do

Don’t worry, there are several ways to make it work out! You can start by practising putting it on while masturbating. It will help to build up confidence for when it’s ‘the real deal’. The penis will get used to wearing condom during sexual acts. Practice makes perfect! It will help you to focus on what’s really important (and keep you away from all the scary thoughts).

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