Why you should try trading places

Why you should try trading places

By Sabine, 07.03.2022

Several songs have been written on the topic, Usher’s ‘trading places’ is one of the best and most sexy examples. Roleplaying is something we’ve always been fascinated with, but why is our curiosity triggered by it so much? And why are we still contemplating, let’s just go for it! Bring on the strap-on, we’ll tell you all you need to know about pegging! 


We all wonder how our straight partner experiences sex. And while gender roles in society are slowly blurring, it might be time to experience that role blurring in the bedroom too. Why let the man be the dominant one? A dominant woman can be really hot and exciting. And ladies, being in control sounds good right?


Anal sex is not just something that can be enjoyed by women, it can be a real pleasure for straight men too. Don’t go and worry about his sexual orientation if this is one of his sexual fantasies. There’s an erogenous zone up there for him, the so-called p-spot, in his rectum. During sex the prostate gland is stimulated, this will bring your guy al lot of enjoyment and even mindblowing orgasms. Experience will tell, but this last information might be a good conversation starter. 


There are several benefits in it for you too, apart from the explosive orgams you can give him. If he’s experienced in using the back door he will learn just how it is experienced by you. He will be more understanding of how sensitive it is and how important it is to use lots of lube. Keep in mind to be very careful when pegging him, and keep communicating throughout the whole experience. It has to be a nice and exciting experience for the both of you. 

How to start

So, here we go. Both of you are very curious about pegging. How to get started? You could start it off by taking a shower together. Soap eachother off. Hygiene is always key, we all know the grose stories about anal sex, but it doesnt have to be that crazy at all. And getting into a shower together is also a great way to get eachother all hot and wanting. There’s nothing wrong with some playful foreplay. Be sure your lover is comfortable and relaxed. Choose a smaller dildo, because size does matter in this case. Use lots of lube! There are several lubes created for anal sex. These won’t dry out so easily and keep things slippery and wet. Start out slowly. One step at a time, very carefully. The most important thing is to enjoy yourselves. Is it not as hot as you expected it to be? No biggie. Was it hot? It will get even better next time!

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