Naming your private parts

Naming your private parts

By Janna, 20.07.2023

Little Willy, Johnson, Mr. Love; these are all examples of nicknames men have come up with for their penis. We’re not surprised if men nickname their favorite genital, but it seems women do this less often, or at least admit and discuss this less often. What’s the deal here and where do these differences come from?

Different Approaches

What you call your genitals can vary depending on someone’s gender identity and cultural background. Some people choose to simply refer to their genitals as “penis” or “vulva”, while others prefer a more informal and personal name. These names can range from funny nicknames to creative names conveying a sense of individuality and connection to the body. By giving a name to their genital parts, some people find it easier to talk about them.

Gender differences

Traditionally, different names and terms are used to describe male and female genitals. These differences can be influenced by social standards, cultural beliefs and the way  gender-specific body parts are viewed. However, it’s important to recognize that not everyone identifies as male or female and that gender diversity exists.

Education and learned behavior

We see that from an early age, men are taught that there’s nothing wrong with having a penis. Peeing standing-up, for example, contributes to the idea that it’s not strange if someone else sees your penis, and that it’s okay to touch and hold it. This is different for girls and women however. They are taught that they shouldn’t talk about their pussy, that decent ladies don’t touch it and that a civilized woman sits cross-legged as nobody should ever catch a glimpse of their vulva. So, for men it’s easier and more natural to talk about their genitals when they’re older and to give it a name too. Men are also more often proud of their (large) penis whereas women are more ashamed about the appearance and, for example, the smell of their intimate parts.

Personal Experience

Naming your genitals can also be an intimate and personal experience. For some it can be a way to embrace their body and feel comfortable with their sexuality. It can also serve as a form of empowerment and self-expression. It is important to give space to individual choices and to respect people’s autonomy in deciding what to call their body parts. 

Have fun

Giving your genitals a name is a personal choice that can vary depending on a person’s gender identity, personal preferences and cultural context. If you like it or if it gives you confidence to name your genitals, then by all means do so. At the same time, it’s also good to respect your partner(s)’s whishes if they ask you to refer to their private parts in a certain way.

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