5 ways to be more body positive in the bedroom
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5 ways to be more body positive in the bedroom

By Sabine, 28.04.2022

You can’t get more vulnerable than when you’re completely naked in bed with your lover. A lot of insecurities are easy to hide behind a big sweater or shaping tights, but undressed everything is in the open for your lover to see. Will they notice that pimple on your buttcheek? Are you taking too long reaching your climax or are you coming too fast? Are you moaning too loud or too weird? All these negative thoughts can make you very insecure. No worries, almost everybody has doubts about their sexual performances. We have some tips for you to be more positive. 


Being insecure about your body, about your cellulite or freckles, is something everybody experiences. The trick is not to let those insecurities keep you from getting laid! To be more comfortable in your own skin you should really pamper yourself. Taking care of yourself is like rewarding yourself for being awesome. Acknowledging that you are worth it! You will feel so much better after a day of selfcare

Focus on the positive

Are those negative thoughts haunting you while having sex? Be aware of the negativity and make sure it stops. That is easier to say than to do, but when you keep practicing it it will work eventually. Your negative self image is the only thing in the way of you enjoying yourself. Don’t focus on the thoughts that haunt you, but on what your body is feeling in the moment. Also focus on your breathing.

Dress to impress

A skin colored granny pants might fit like second skin but it won’t help you to feel sexy. Sexy lingerie can really help boost your self confidence. Why don’t you dress yourself in a showy lace bra with a matching thong and suspenders. Your partner will drop to their knees when they see you like this. 

Communication is key

It’s a real confidence booster if you realize your partner enjoys your body so much. Body language alone says a lot, but not all partners are that obvious. If that is the case in your relationship it might be a good idea to start a conversation on your sexlife, your sexual preferences. As a topic starter you can use a romantic movie, or a conversation you had with a friend. Don’t start the conversation right after you have sex, that will put too much pressure on the topic. 

Do the research

Don’t rely on your sexpartner alone to learn more about sex. Explore the erotic world. Read sexy stories or watch beautiful porn for women. Read erotic articles. The more you get into all the exciting stuff, the more familiar you will be with erotics acts and be more comfortable in the bedroom. And those tips and tricks will help you out too!

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