Why we sometimes like to call him Daddy

Why we sometimes like to call him Daddy

By Janna, 11.05.2023

Let’s be honest, when it comes to pet names, we make up more than enough of them for our partner. Love, honey, baby, sugar and so on. It could be that you give your lover a whole bunch of new exciting names between the sheets too. Naturally, you can call out his name on the moment supreme, or call him tiger in the fun of foreplay. But maybe you even go a little further and like to call him Daddy during a horny romp. In that case, you’re not alone, but why is this so exciting?

First things first

It’s good to know that calling your lover Daddy has nothing to do with Daddy Issues. Even though it’s another word for father, this doesn’t mean to say that women who exclaim it during sex are fantasizing about their father or having sex with another family member. This has nothing to do with incest. The excitement of saying Daddy has a different origin.

Who’s your Daddy?

This question isn’t only asked in a porno. With this question, you want to make clear who’s boss, who’s in control. Within the walls of the bedroom, that’s Daddy. Also, feelings of security are connected to the word Daddy. Because a Daddy protects you and takes care of you. So, pretty thrilling, in a non-father-daughter role. 

We also say Baby

Which is another example of a word that we say to our partner during sex, or just in general, without fantasizing about an actual baby! Who’s not guilty of this? We pop it out during sex to encourage him or let him know we like it. We also use the word as a pet name when he’s done something nice for us. So the chance that you see that tough guy of yours as a baby is practically non-existent, but it just sounds good. 

A step further

The word Daddy can also be used during role-play! Daddy Dom/Little girl is played more often than you might think. Here, it’s also about making the division of roles more clear during sex.

At the end of the day, Daddy, like baby, tiger or darling, is just a pet name that can take your steamy session to the next level.

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