Dirty talk

Dirty talk

By Janna, 23.11.2023

Some people may find dirty talk a little uncomfortable. But if you get over the awkwardness, it can also be very exciting to whisper dirty words to each other before or during sex. Ultimately, for most people it can be a very nice addition to their sex life. You can share fantasies, exchange arousing compliments or encourage each other while doing the deed.

Sexy communication

We can’t stress this enough: communication is crucial in a relationship. Fair is fair, communication isn’t always easy and sometimes it may feel like a bit of a hassle. When we talk about communication within a relationship, the difficult conversations may come to mind first, but when you feel safe with each other dirty talk can really be a fun, sexy kind of communication.

Talk dirty to me

Dirty talk refers to the use of explicit, sensual or sexually charged language to stimulate arousal and intimacy between partners. It can range from subtle comments to more detailed descriptions of desires and fantasies. 

The perks of dirty talk

More intimacy: By talking openly about desires and fantasies, dirty talk can bring partners closer together. If you understand each other well and know what you both like in bed, there is a better chance to having enjoyable, great sex together. And good sex improves intimacy in a relationship.

Better communication: Dirty talk is a fun, light-hearted way to be honest about what you enjoy in bed. It’s sometimes easier to express your deepest desires in the heat of the moment.

Turn-on: Dirty talk can be an excellent way to turn each other on before sex and during foreplay. Of course talking dirty in bed is good, but it can also be very exciting to whisper a few dirty words, or send a sexy text, beforehand.

    How to make things less awkward

    Consent: Try to check with your partner whether there are topics that you should avoid during sex. Some find it very arousing to be called ‘horny little slut’ in the bedroom, while others may feel offended by it.

    Let it go: It may feel a bit awkward at first, but try not to think about it too much and say what comes to mind. Just let yourself get carried away in the moment, and your partner will probably only find it very sexy that you dare to say such naughty things out loud.

    Stop is stop: Dirty talk can be a healthy and arousing addition to intimate relationships, but it is crucial that all involved feel comfortable with it. If at any time you or your partner doesn’t feel like it, just stop doing it and try again at another time. Don’t force each other, and keep connected.

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