Why you should have a sexbuddy

Why you should have a sexbuddy

By Sabine, 25.04.2022

You may be single for a while and feel like it’s time for some action, but getting into a relationship might be too much. You know what we mean right? Getting some action, but without all the hassle. Not only men feel this way, right girls? We love to get some too. It’s nothing to worry about. Just have yourself a sex buddy! 

To be clear: a sex buddy is a person you share your bed with. But only this, no romantic feelings. Just lots of lust and sexual attraction. Enjoying a lot of hot and heavy sex sessions together. 

Boost your ego

When your heart is still on the mend and your selfesteem hit an all time low you could really use a sex buddy. Why? Because this man or woman will do wonders for your ego. He’ll tell you how beautiful you are and how great you are in the sack. That person will want you, lust for you, their only mission is to please you. Gotta love it! 

No hassle

While your friends keep complaining about their partners; the one that never helps out around the house, or the one that’s never free on date night, you are the one that leans back without complaints. Your friend with benefits never lets you down, because you only share your bed! No relationship, no hassle! 

Expanding your sex skills

Having a new sex buddy is also perfect for sexual experimenting.  You can try out new positions or improve your skills. Because there is only sexual interest, you can really let yourself go. All access to fantasies and experiments! 

No commitments

No in-laws you have to meet, no birthday parties to attend, no soccer games to cheer on. You can live your life just the way you’ve been living it. You meet up when you feel like it. Are you busy and don’t feel like meeting up with your sex buddy? No problem, no commitments!  You two just share one thing: great sex. That’s all there is to it.

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