This makes foreplay even hotter

This makes foreplay even hotter

By Janna, 05.12.2022

It’s no secret that every body needs some warming-up to get in the mood. As they say, well begun is half done, so all the more reason to get the most out of your foreplay. After all, foreplay sets the tone for the rest of your romp. Quickies aside. Why rush when you can choose to take extensive time for each other and for foreplay? If you do, the sex will not only be more intense, but last longer too. Now, we don’t expect anyone to complain about that! With the following tips, you can have hours of pleasure together. Have fun!


This may sound a bit old-fashioned, but kissing can really get you in the mood. It all starts with a kiss! So, don’t be in a hurry, kiss away and stoke the fire. Don’t hesitate to let your hands roam free to touch your lover’s body. Before you know it, your kissing will have you both gasping for air.

Undress yourself

Of course, it is tempting to immediately cut to the chase and rip each other’s clothes off, but why not do the opposite instead? Undress yourself slowly and quietly under the watchful eye of your (bed) partner. This will undoubtedly build suspense.


Be mindful of each other’s bodies and whisper compliments in each other’s ear. Or better yet, add some thrilling and sexy words too. Share what you wish to do, what you like and what you look forward to. Remember: don’t rush things, it will all be happening sooner or later anyway!

Avoid each other’s most intimate parts

Explore. Stroke, kiss and pinch playfully, but try to avoid each other’s most intimate spot. Guaranteed this will build up the heat to practically unbearable proportions.


Get out a tea towel, tie, scarf or even a real blindfold and blindfold your partner, or let them blindfold you. Let the fun begin! You can take it slow, go wild, whatever you want. When you’re blindfolded, this automatically sharpens your other senses. As a result, you will feel every touch more intensely.


And what about bondage? Probably even hornier than using a blindfold. But it also requires a little more trust and confidence. Get yourself tied up and agree in advance that everything is allowed, except for the deed (but don’t forget to agree on a safeword you can use in case you want out). Let’s see how long it takes before you are begging for it.

Now, which of these tips will you try first?

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