This is what men want in bed

This is what men want in bed

By Sabine, 27.06.2022

Whether you’re in a relationship or single and have picked a guy from a dating site for a night, all women know the struggle: what does a man want? Sometimes it’s crystal clear, sometimes the greatest mystery on Earth. Every man is different, but when it comes to the hottest sex moves, you can’t go wrong with the following 7 things.

1. Oral all around

Blowjobs, blowjobs and more blowjobs. Can men ever get enough of this? Is there a man who doesn’t love it? No and no. With a blowjob you are always good.

2. Dirty talk

Talking during sex is fun, especially if you know what to say. Dirty words are always good. Read here exactly why dirty talk is so much fun.

3. Variation

Being able to predict the course of a sex party is not hot. Don’t fall into a routine of the same moves in succession. For example, start with a long foreplay or skip it completely. Do you always have sex at night only on weekends? Then wake him up early on a weekday. Alternate new positions with your favorites.

4. Eye Contact

Looking each other deep in the eye during sex only romantic? Eye contact can also be very horny. Take a hard look at him as you take him in your mouth. Bet you’re driving him crazy?

5. Kinky

There’s nothing wrong with a little Fifty Shades in the bedroom. Men have been saying it for years. Since ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, many women have been participating. Tying up, spanking, blindfolding, exciting toys and leather packages. Experiment with the dark side of sex.

6. Initiative

In most couples, the man is the seducer. Also reverse the roles. He also wants to feel coveted. Let him lay back while you do “the work” and give him the night of his life.

7. New Location

The secret to a good sex life is keeping it exciting. Adding a new location to your sex spot list is one way to do that. A quicky in the fitting room. A long lovemaking in the car in a remote place. During a (house) party in a room. At work.

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