The Marathon: part 2
Erotic story

The Marathon: part 2

By Victoria, 07.09.2019

by: Victoria Hawk

Bella could not stop analysing the position they were in. She quickly realised that the myth might be the open communication about their bodies and the sex they had with them, had caused Bella to bust many myths in the process. She’d never believed in the existence of the g-spot, but was somewhat convinced that it, in the end, it all came down to the clitoris. Furthermore, she held the same conviction about squirting, as it never happened to her, and if it indeed happened to other people, it was probably just urine. Mapa, having extensively studied natural gynaecology, confirmed her belief about the extensive presence of the clitoris, but with pleasure showed her the glands on each side of the urethra responsible for the female ejaculation. Another myth was about to be shattered. 

“Come here,” Mapa said and positioned herself across from Bella, and spread her legs, “try to put your clit onto mine.” 

         Bella frowned, “that is impossible, it will never work.”

        “Yes, it can work. We just have to puzzle a little bit. Trust me.”

Bella felt kind of foolish but complied anyway. She spread her legs and moved her vagina in the direction of the expanded legs in front of her. She tried to press her clit onto Mapa’s, but could only feel the mixing of their fluids. It felt pleasant, but it did not seem to be the aim of the current exercise. 

         “Hold on,” Mapa said and repositioned herself slightly. 

Suddenly, Bella gasped for air, she could feel it. The warm flesh massaging her clit was sending shock waves through her body. 

Bella had actually gotten her hopes up the scissoring myth was busted when she felt that her clit was being stimulated. However, the moment Mapa said she did not feel it, she was ready to give up. She felt as if they were living out the fantasy of a heterosexual man, and refused to do so. 

     “Mapa, this is stupid. I feel stupid.”

     “Wait,” Mapa said, untangled their legs and pushed Bella completely onto her back. “This position could work better. You do a lot of yoga; you are very flexible”.

Bella’s legs were up in the air and spread widely from each other. She watched with anticipation as Mapa mounted her, one leg on each side. With precision, Mapa descended on to Bella. First Bella only felt the softness, wetness and warmth of Mapa’s cunt on hers. Mapa took hold of the leg that was in front of her and let the weight of her body completely lower onto the body beneath her. A reflex of pleasure made her capture her lower lips between her teeth. Now she could feel it too. She started to slowly rub her body from back to front, with the aim of finding the position that would make their clits kiss. And there it was. It was almost like the connecting click of magnets, and loud moans emitted from both mouths. Bella was in a state of disbelief. 

Bella could not believe that it was actually happening, nor could she believe it felt so amazingly good. The position she was in was anything but appealing, but she did not care – the vision in front of her made up for it. The whole of Mapa’s body was free to move in any direction it wanted. Clearly, she was the one in control. Bella thought it was better this way, after all, Mapa was the more experienced one, especially at the matter at hand. Her eyes fixated on the woman above her, sensually waving her beautiful body in an ever-increasing rhythm. She was evidently enjoying this more than anything else – giving pleasure while receiving the same satisfaction. 

Mapa opened her eyes. “Are you okay? Are you feeling it?” Mapa inquired tenderly. 

     “Yes, this is amazing. Continue like this.”

True for many women — women who not dared to try it or would give up too soon. Just moments ago, she was one of those women. She was glad she’d met Mapa and closed her eyes to focus more on the feeling the friction was creating. 

What she felt was distinct; the pressure was perfectly balanced out by the soft flesh of both vaginas. The abundance of vaginal fluids worked as the perfect lubrication to make de movements smooth. Especially Mapa seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of mother nature’s lubricant. And then the cherry on top; each kiss and touch of their clits felt like an energy exchange of pleasure and love. 

     “Oh god, Mapa, this feels so good.”

Mapa’s suddenly tensed, and Bella could feel that the pressure onto her vagina increased. Mapa started to aid her movements by pulling herself forward on Bella’s leg. Besides the increase in pressure, Bella could distinctly feel the build-up of an familiar energy between their two crotches, she unsure about its origin — was it growing inside her body or that of Mapa? Or was something else entirely different? The momentum was building; the velocity of the rubbing decreased significantly, while the pressure increased. At that moment she was sure; Mapa was revelling in the sensation of an intense and fantastic orgasm. She could feel it too. 

She was not there yet but was close. Her mind had been too occupied with the evaporation of the myth she always had faithfully believed in. Mapa let herself fall next to Bella, her body drained from energy, but filled with utter delight.  

     “That was… something else,” Bella gushed and laid her head down on Mapa’s chest, which was still moving rapidly up and down. 

     “Did you like it?”

     “Yes! I was so sure it wouldn’t work!”

     “It can work. With the right angle and some persistence. I wanted to continue, but I had such an intense orgasm. I need to recover a bit. Can you give me the water, please?” 

Bella handed Mapa the glass of water from the nightstand and returned to the original position. She could feel the moisture on Mapa’s skin. She covertly put her nose close to the surface of the skin and inhaled the scent evaporating from Mapa’s body. By now, she would be able to distinguish it from thousands. It had become familiar, she realised. 

Bella’s mind continued to return to the experience she just had. The feeling of Mapa’s orgasm flowing into her. All she wanted to do at that moment was to feel it again. Mapa handed her the glass of water, urging her to drink as well. Hastily, Bella gulped the rest of the water down and put the glass away. Her eyes were burning with lust. Mapa immediately recognised the look and mentally prepared herself for the next round. Bella was more libidinous than ever before in her life, and Mapa could feel the difference when she started to kiss her. 

     “I want to do it again,” Bella insisted in between her wild kisses. 

Mapa knew that there were possibly more positions that could work for them, but her lust made her greedy, and she returned to the same position as before. Bella’s mind was present in all aspects. The moment they found the right posture again, she could already feel the orgasmic energy emerging to the surface of her being. 

Mapa wanted to extend the exploding moment as long as possible and moved consciously slow over the body of her loveress beneath. Still, the energy rose quickly and was forced to cling onto Bella’s leg to stay upright. 

Her breath was rapid, “oh my god”, she moaned over and over again, while living the most profound orgasm yet. 

This time, Bella consciously connected her own rising energy to the generated power of Mapa and felt them melting into one. 

    “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Bella screamed. 

Mapa put all her concentration on containing the energy of her orgasm to continue moving and hoist Bella up to where she currently was. She felt an even more intense orgasm rising. Bella started shivering and moaning without control. Their orgasms seemed to merge into one giant field of expanding energy that was further connecting their beings. Time and space dissolved for an instant. The heat settled and Mapa was lying next to Bella again. The only sound present was that of their heavy breathing. After a long exhale, they turned their heads and looked at each other. Both started to laugh simultaneously. 

     “We had an orgasm at the same time!” Bella exclaimed laughing. 

     “You know how often that happens?!”

     Still shivering and barely unable to move, Bella kissed Mapa softly. 

     “You are perfect for me,” Mapa declared. “Just perfect.”

Bella smiled and looked up at the ceiling in awe. Mapa put her arms around her body, and they dozed off for a couple of minutes. Upon awakening, they felt they were both not satisfied. 

     “I cannot stop touching you, Mapa. I cannot control myself with you.”

    “There is no need to stop,” Mapa said, while her hand stayed over every part of Bella’s body, slowing awakening it for the next phase.

To be continued…

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