Love Without Borders – part 1
Erotic story

Love Without Borders – part 1

By Victoria, 21.07.2022

The first step onto the Kenyan land felt like coming home. Linda was not sure how this was possible; she’d never been to Africa in her life before. Still, the strong energy of the land and the people awakened something deep inside of her. Her senses seemed heightened and alert, taking in all the unfamiliar sounds, smells and sights around her. 

After a couple of days in Nairobi, Linda got used to the feeling of being the racial minority, invariably surrounded by dark skin, skin which was adequately adapted to the constant bombardment of the strong rays of sun. Her body felt ill equipped at times and it seemed the people around her knew. 

Suddenly, she felt eyes on her body. This had been a very frequent occurrence but this time it felt different. More intense. She scanned her surroundings and as if guided by a magnetic force, her eyes locked with a distance stare in between the crowds. 

A Maasai warrior was standing in front of a shop with two of his fellow tribesmen. It was difficult to imagine how he ended up there. Her mind could not make sense of it. His dark skin looked flawless next to the red of his traditional cloth, while the colourful beads around his neck demanded the rest of your visual attention. His colleagues were expressively discussing something, while he remained static, staring at Linda. She knew it wasn’t because he’d never seen a white person; that look she was well familiar with by now. Something else was happening. The intensity of the stare made her shy, nevertheless she was unable to avert it. Instead, they let the stare grow in intensity. 

“Linda, look what I found,” James shouted and startled Linda out of the moment, “this looks powerful,” he held up a Maasai wood carving. 

James was Linda’s boyfriend. 

“Yes, powerful indeed.” 

She was blunt and turned around again but the Maasai was gone. 

She looked back at James again, watching how he ineptly handled the carving until it nearly fell out of his hands. James was a slender blond bloke, who seemed to get ahead in life through plain luck. However, when he tried to be funny, he nearly always failed. His caring and kind character had always overshadowed the awkwardness Linda could so clearly see at that moment. Suddenly, she failed to feel or understand her attraction towards him. 

For the rest of the day, Linda would occasionally close her eyes and let the images of the handsome Maasai face float through her head, secretly getting aroused every time she did. 

A couple of days later, Linda and James left Nairobi. Their guide had decided to take them to a traditional Maasai village not corrupted by tourism yet, where they could stay for a couple of days and learn more about the unique culture of that region. Both the annoyance towards James and the longing for the Maasai warrior had grown exponentially. 

Upon arrival at the village, they received an incredibly warm welcome from the whole tribe and their cattle. Linda and James were shown around the village, when suddenly Linda could feel it again — the stare. She could recognise the internal rush of energy through her body and immediately searched for the Maasai warrior. She was right; in the distance he was leaning against an umbrella acacia tree, the typical tree of the region. The expression on his face showed joy but surprise was strangely absent. The way he made her feel from a distance was beyond anything Linda had ever experienced before. She couldn’t imagine speaking to him.   

The moment was interrupted again when Linda and James were let into their hut. For both, exhaustion kicked and forced them to take rest and lay down. James wanted to put an arm around Linda and moved close to her. However, Linda could not stand the heat nor the touch of his body and pushed him away and whispered, “it is far too warm for this. Please give me some space.” 

James just sighed and Linda dozed off into a neat dream within seconds. 

In the next instant, she found herself alone in a steppe field with the Maasai warrior. This time, just meters apart. 

“Come closer. 

It wasn’t clear what language they were speaking, but Linda and the Maasai were fully able to understand one another. Their minds, as well as their bodies, seemed to on a familiar basis. Upon utterance of the words, her body started hovering through the long yellow grass towards him. His strong arms caught her when she bumped into him. His skin was smooth and his flesh warm. She felt save, as she rubbed her cheek over his chest. He was equally delighted by the encounter and tightened his grip around her body. Suddenly, Linda could feel his penis getting harder, arousing her in return. 

She looked up at him, the stare as intense as in the waking life yet more familiar than ever before. The stare remained intact as she started to undue his red shuka. Her hands gliding over the hairless body, feeling the hard muscles that shape the structure of his athletic physique. 

She was very small in comparison to him. The moment she wanted to kiss him, she realised she couldn’t. He sensed her plead before she uttered it and gently lifted her up with ease and grace. With their lips finally able to touch, they lost themselves in a heated sway in which he took the lead. His lips, twice as big, hugged hers with their softness and occasional wetness. Linda untangled her lips and looked deep into his eyes. Her white hand creating a stark contrast on his dark cheek. 

“Make love to me,” she moaned, “make love to me like a warrior.” 

She started shivering and could feel the stirring of an orgasm inside of her already. His energy had been penetrating her being deeply before they had even touched. He put her down again and turn her around. Now, she was facing into the steppe that reached until eternity. The grass started to grow higher and Linda’s body dropped to the ground. She could feel him behind her, she could feel him close to her. He was about to enter but she was already coming. 

At that instant the orgasm mirrored itself into the real world, and Linda woke up, feeling the last rush of energy swirling through her body. Sweat drops on her forehead. She didn’t want the dream to end and closed her eyes again. Forcing back the images she had just witnessed. Her pulsing clit seducing her hand to come down. Quickly, she let herself climax two times more. Silently enough, James was completely unaware of the imaginative affair happening right next to him and remained in a deep sleep. 

The later that day, Linda spent every waking moment thinking about the Maasai warrior. She hadn’t seen him at the village anymore. She decided to ask one of his fellow tribesmen. 

“Do you know where the Maasai warrior is?”

“Which one you do mean?” the tribesman answered in a thick accent.

“The tall one. With the breaded, red hair.”

“Ah, you mean Leboo?”

Linda shrugged and remained silent.

“He is hunting. He be back in evening.”

“Thank you,” Linda said, trying to hide the instant impatience rising in her being. She didn’t even know what she wanted from him. In her mind, she was much closer to him due to the multiple orgasms he’d already given her. All of a sudden, a scream reached Linda’s ear. She could recognise it immediately — James. She ran towards the sound and found James on ground, cringing in severe pain. 

“What happened?!” 

 “I tripped over that stone,” James pointed towards the stone sticking out of the ground next to him and held his foot. “It is freaking sharp!”

Other people had started to surround the couple and Linda could feel nothing but embarrassment. They must think white people are complete idiotic pussies and she wanted to disappear into the dusty ground. 

While James remained in their hut for the rest of the day, Linda took a walk outside and was trying to figure out how to deal with the situation at hand. Not only could she not bare to be in the same room with her boyfriend, she was longing for another man. Another man, so foreign and unknown she didn’t even know how to approach him. 

Olee,” a deep, masculine voice said. 

Linda turned around; it was Leboo.

Olee”, she replied. It was the only Maasai she knew. 

Slowly, he came closer and with every step he took, her body seemed to start vibrating heavier. She could now smell his body. It was very different from what she was used to, but nonetheless pleasant and manly. The presence of his energy was something she had never felt before in her life. 

“You married?” 


She turned to face him. They were from different cultures, from different planets it seemed, but his eyes were speaking a universal language. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. 

To be continued…

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