How to: a successful quartet

How to: a successful quartet

By Janna, 10.07.2023

Having sex with several people at the same time is not for everyone, but a threesome or quartet can be oh so exciting. With your partner, or alone, options for quartets are endless. There are those who like to be in their familiar surroundings while others prefer a kinky party or sexy hotel room. We’ll give you some tips for forming a quartet with as little jealousy and hassle, and as much fun and pleasure as possible.

Make a game plan

If you have a partner who is open to going on an adventure together, discuss with each other how you imagine things. What turns both of you on, what do you find exciting and what do you prefer not to do or is going a bit too far now but can remain negotiable for the future. Maybe you want to go to a kinky party together or you may both be open to swinging with another couple. Soft swinging can also be a nice first step, where you don’t switch partners but do you have sex in the presence of another couple who may or may not be busy together. If you make clear agreements on do’s and don’ts beforehand, the chance of hurt egos or unpleasant feelings is much smaller. 

Choose a location

Some people like to stay on familiar ground when doing something exciting like this. You feel at ease in your own home and bedroom. Others prefer it when their adventurous side does not mix with their decent daily life too much. If this is the case for you (and your partner), you can choose to book a nice hotel room, go to other people’s homes or to a sex party together to explore.

Find your playmates

If it’s still a bit too exciting to talk about this subject within your own group of friends, you can just look for a like-minded couple on a swingers website. Various apps and platforms focus on this. Creating a profile and chatting with like-minded people will definitely spark some anticipation. If you prefer to stay anonymous and dont want to upload info about yourself on a website, then you can opt for a swingers party. At a swingers party, you can introduce yourself with just your first name, or a pseudonym which matches your naughty alter ego, to keep your swinger adventure away from your home.

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