Erotic Story: My birthday present
Erotic story

Erotic Story: My birthday present

By Yentl, 17.11.2022

“What are you doing?”, I giggle nervously when he pulls out the handcuffs from the nightstand.

“Just enjoy this, it’s for your birthday.”

He laughs naughty and seems to be enjoying this game way too much. I let him. I even help him by voluntarily folding my hands together above my head.

He defiantly slaps the cuffs on my wrists and locks them around the headboard of the bed. I am naked. He had already stripped my clothes off me.

“You are beautiful. Stay exactly like this. I’ll be right back.”

Uhm… Right back? Help?! He is gone before I can recover from the surprise or respond. On the landing, I hear his footsteps going downstairs. I hear how he opens the front door and how he softly closes it again. Then, it is silent.

I look around in a panic. Looking for something to release me from this tied hold. If he thinks that I appreciate these kind of jokes, he does not seem to know me too well after all these years. I feel terrible! And terrible is an understatement. I could hit myself on the head! Well, actually, I can’t.

Just as blind panic really seems to overwhelm me, he quietly walks back into the bedroom. His naughty look has become more intense. He is up to something. I can see it.

“Darling, this is for your birthday. Because I know how much you like to fantasize about this.”

With big eyes, he looks at me and makes a gesture I cannot really identify. In the corner of my eye, I see someone else walking into the bedroom. It’s her. The lady from my dance school, the lady who plays the main part in my hottest dreams. Leonie.

Oh god, I am naked. I am utterly and completely naked! I try to sit up straight and cross my legs, but it looks clumsy rather than the charming I was aiming for.

“Hi” I utter in a trembling voice.

“Hey” she smiles back at me while she slowly takes off her jacket.

She is wearing a deep-red lingerie set. With lace and concealing very little. My heartbeat is somewhere in my throat and I stare at my wildly bouncing navel hoping to calm myself down with it. Which is impossible. My breath is way too wild.

In the corner, I see how he makes himself comfortable. He has seated himself in our chair and watches the situation with attention. It is almost as if he is trying to say that I do not have to worry. Well, let me see him stay calm in reversed roles.

Without saying anything, she walks into the direction of the bed. Into my direction. Her movements instigate a soft dancing of her breasts. This whole event is giving me tingles down below. While she walks over to the headboard, starting from my toes she lets her finger softly stroke my naked body. Moving from my legs, across my belly and into the direction of my breasts. Reaching my throat, she bends over and whispers in my ear that she will not do anything I don’t want.

After her soft words, she presses her lips on mine. She gives a taste of delicate sweetness. I like sweet. Then, she walks back to the foot end of the bed, climbs on and forces herself between my legs. The only thing I can think of right now is the unintentional view I am giving her. My cunt. Fully exposed. Although I cannot literally feel it now, I am positive that I am wet. She looks. Shamelessly.

She gets down on her knees and lets her fingertips run along her bra. A horny sight, which is far outweighed when I see where her fingers end up. Right in front of me, between my legs, she starts to play with herself. Shocks of longing shoot through my naked, vulnerable body. I want to touch her. I want her to touch me.

Slowly, she pulls back her fingers, leans over and brings them close to my mouth.

“Have a taste” she says in a sultry voice.

For a moment, my eyes shoot towards the corner and they find his. He nods approvingly. As if I need his approval. Then I open my mouth and feel her fingers touching my tongue. Her precum tingling in my mouth. She tastes so good.

“Only fair…” she whispers and then she lets her face drop into the direction of my heat.

I cannot move. Literally. I start to moan, while her tongue is still hovering above my skin. My anticipation making it hard to control my excitement. She places her right hand on my abdomen in an attempt to calm me down. Longingly, I wait, my breath caught… And then, I feel it. The tip of her tongue forcing itself between my labia. Wet and warm.

“Fuck” I gasp softly.

I hear a sigh from the corner. There is no way back now. This is happening, this is really happening.

As I look down, I see that she is feasting on my most sensitive spot. She is working with dedication, which boosts my confidence. It makes me tilt my pelvis into her direction just a little more. Her hand leaves my belly and wanders down.

She finds my opening, and starts to draw teasing, large circles around it. Her tongue is now fully focused on my clit as she sucks playfully. Clearly, licking a woman is not a first for her. She knows exactly how to stimulate all the right places.

He is still seated in the chair. A large bulge adorning his sweatpants. A bulge drawing my attention. He is horny. This birthday present is not just for me, but for him too. He is enjoying this.

He starts to moan loudly. I am almost at my peak when she stops and looks at me with a smile.

“I am in the mood. You too?”

I nod tentatively.

Again, she touches my skin with her tongue. This time, it slides a wet track from my abdomen to one of my breasts. She softly starts sucking my nipple, which immediately jumps to attention. Of its own accord, my body squirms.

Then she presses her lips to my mouth and lets her tongue caress mine. She kisses calmly, in control, a lot less roughly than he always does. She feels soft and I zealously answer her kiss. While the smacking of our kissing echoes through the bedroom, I am sure this is a thrilling sight for him. He must have a hard time containing himself.

She digs into her bag and pulls out a large dildo. It is a duo dildo, for use at both ends. She puts one end in her mouth, sexily moistening it, before inserting it into me slowly with a naughty look in her eyes. I feel so hot. Nerves are running through my body, mixing with pulsating desires. Desires I have had ever since the first day I saw her. I knew telling him that she made me horny was a good idea.

When the dildo enters me exasperating slowly, I let my head drop backwards and arch my back. In the meantime, she positions herself, pulls her deep-red panties to the side and lowers her pussy on to the other end of the dildo. Gently, she starts to move. But soon her moves grow wilder and wilder. With each of her movements, I feel the dildo sliding in and out of me. Again and again.

Now, we are moaning together, the hottest sound I have ever heard. Her breasts are almost jumping out of her lacy bra, her hair is dancing around her face and the swaying movement of her hips keeps giving me that juicy view of her wetness.

Without hesitation, he purposefully gets up from the chair and walks our way. He watches us intently and lets his fingertips dance across my breasts. As soon as he is standing next to my head, I watch him as he unties his sweatpants… And I let it all happen. This is the most delicious birthday present I have ever received.

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