Erotic Story: Hot shower
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Hot shower

By Yentl, 10.11.2022

Just as I enter the shower stall, I hear him coming up the stairs. An immediate tingling runs through my body. With a bit of luck he will join me in the shower. A bit too loudly, I close the stall door behind me, waiting for him to enter the bathroom. I turn on the tap and let the warm water jet heat up my skin. This feels good. I carefully turn up the water temperature a notch and keep waiting in anticipation. 

“Hey babe,” he says cheerfully when he enters the bathroom, “what’s going to happen here?”

Playfully, I splash a few drops his way over the shower door. Then I take a big dollop of shower foam and spread it across my naked body. 

“Will you come too?”, I ask him in my most naughty voice. 

A smile appears on his face, one I would recognize anywhere. He looks at me from head to toe, while I let the suds slide down my breasts.

“Now, how can I say no to this?” 

In no time he starts to undress. From behind the somewhat fogged-up glass of the shower stall I see him taking his T-shirt off over his head. I see how his pants fall to the ground, and his boxer shorts stretching over his tight butt cheeks. My breath abruptly rises while my hand mindlessly squeezes one of my breasts.

Something happens inside of me when he undresses. It arouses me. It is exactly what I hoped for. As soon as he turns around, I open the door a fraction to let him in. 

“You sure turned up the heat in here,” he smiles. 

If he only knew how hot we are going to get still. 

“This is a really nice way to be welcomed home,” he starts, while he takes hold of my chin with his thumb and index finger.

He presses an affectionate kiss on my lips, a soft ‘hmm’  sound resonating from his throat. I look up at him for a moment… and then I drop to my knees.

The warm water jets are running down my hair, down my shoulders and my back, reaching my butt and eventually falling off me. Just a few centimeters from my face his hard-on is throbbing. Water drops are sliding off him and his hand softly caresses my cheek. He deserves this. 

I take his cock in both hands, sliding my tongue along his top.

“This here, this is so delicious,” is he panting, “it feels so warm and good.”

I continue confidently, letting him disappear as far as my mouth allows. The taste of his precum seeps over my tongue, making me hungry for more. 

My left hand wanders over to his butt, and I start kneading his butt cheeks with full commitment. He moans, clearly pleased by the new addition. Gently, I let my fingers disappear between his butt cheeks and playfully start putting some pressure on his butt hole. He chuckles, but in a naughty way, indicating that he is secretly interested. My eyes shoot up, I bite my lower lip, and while staring straight at him, I bring my index finger to my mouth to moisten it. Now he bites his lower lip and throws back his head. I have approval. He is in the mood.

Again, I let his manhood fill up my mouth. This time, I do not only press my finger against his hole, but gently slide it in. The moaning his mouth releases, echoes through the bathroom. His hands dig deep into my hair, setting a steady rhythm. I vary my suction force, slowly moving my finger inside his hole. 

“Fuck,” he pants wildly. 

He removes a hand from my hair and places it against the wet tiled wall to support himself. Driven by his encouragement, I continue. I lick, smack, drool and slobber until his muscles start shaking and his breath is out of control. The hand filled with my tangled hair starts to squeeze forcefully. I could swear I’m losing plucks of hair. He wildly knocks his fist against the tiled wall a few times, leaning increasingly forward. He does not know where he is at and I have him right where I want him. He comes. 

His anus pulsates around my finger as I let his sperm gush over my tongue. Out of breath, I pant along with him. Pulling me up by my hair, he starts kissing me heavily. This is horny. Almost bestial. He presses me against the tiles full-force and starts sucking one of my nipples. A scream escapes my throat. 

Looking down, I see that he is getting hard again. We are not finished yet. Not by far. 

After a blissful few minutes of teasing bites in my nipples, he takes hold of my right upper leg and wraps it around his waist. His wet dick presses against my folds and before I know it he pushes through them, sliding it along my wetness. With every move he makes, I want him more. I want to feel him, feel him deep inside of me. 

He takes hold of his cock and finally pushes it inside. Then he places both his hands around my waist and keeps me in place while he starts thrusting. The shower stall fills up with steam and it is now impossible to see through the glass. Strands of wet hair are stuck on my face and hot drops are reflecting from the top of his head. The only coolness I get is from the cold wet tiles pressing against my back.

“Bend over for me,” he unexpectedly growls into my ear. 

I turn around willingly and salaciously push my ass his way. He grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and pinches hard to pull them apart. Soon, I feel him sliding in again. Leaning my hands against the wall, I try hard to keep standing while he drums into me.

I moan so loudly, it even makes my throat feel sore. He is moving right against the best spots inside of me and the hot shower jets on my lower back bring a tingling sensation. With every thump, I enjoy the sound of our bodies slapping against each other. My butt cheeks feel tender, squeezed. The fingers of my free hand find my clit and I start pressing feverish circles. It only takes a few of them, before I feel the heat rushing from deep inside. 

My legs start to tingle. My muscles contract and before I know it, I blow apart. I come, mercilessly hard. With every thrust, the sensation seems to increase even further. Completely consuming me.

“You are so tight now, I’m coming!” he calls out loudly across the bathroom. 

I can barely hear it. I feel high. High from the sex, from my orgasm and from all the steam surrounding us. 

Just one last thrust before he empties himself for the second time. 

Once recovered, he hugs me tightly. 

“Shit, that was so good. I’m sweltering now,” he sighs while attempting to open up the shower stall a bit. 

The mirror is completely fogged up, the whole bathroom covered in heat. Wet damp heat. 

“Can you give the door a nudge?” I suggest, still panting. 

He softly gives the bathroom door a push, letting in some fresh air. Within two seconds, the fire alarm on the landing starts to sound. 

This really was a fucking-hot shower. 

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