Erotic story- Just like in the movie- part 2
Erotic story

Erotic story- Just like in the movie- part 2

By Sabine, 06.01.2022

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“Just a minute”, I tell him. And I jump off the couch and run upstairs. I take a moment to scan through my enormous wardrobe and pull out a blouse, miniskirt and high heels, the outfit that almost matched the one from the sexy women in the movie. I grab sexy lingerie from my underwear drawer, which I bought for Valentines Day and had only worn once. I get rid of my clothes and change into the red thong, lace bra and my new set of clothes as fast as I can.

I decide to skip a few buttons on my blouse so my boyfriend will get a good look at my bra. When I check myself out in the mirror I am surprised by my hot look, who knew I could look this sexy!  I tie my hair in a bun and grab my boyfriends reading glasses from his nightstand. Shoulders back, tits forwards, I carefully take the stairs down prancing in my heels. 

When I walk downstairs I notice my boyfriend has slid his hand in his pants while sitting slumped on the couch, his eyes still focused on the movie that is still playing on the television. As soon as his eyes catch me coming down the stairs in my new outfit he jumps off the couch.

“What is this?” he calls out enthusiastically.

“I was inspired”, I joke, “I just really felt like wearing this outfit”. “Do you like it?” I ask him winking. I slowly turn around so he can take a good look at me, and even bend down a little so he can peek under my tiny skirt. 

“I love it!” he answers, “Let me take a closer look, please come to me”.  He reaches his arms out to me and I go to him. I take position between his legs as he slides his hands under my skirt. He grabs my ass and squeezes. 

 “Hmmmm”, he moans while he pushes his face against me. Then I push him away and take a step back. I act out the scene of the movie and start to slowly undress in front of him. First I unbutton my blouse. I let my skirt slide down my legs slowly and undo my bra so they are presented to him. Then I turn around, push my string down and drop it to the floor. “I want you to fuck me”, I tell him while walking to the dining room, “Just like in our movie”. I don’t have to tell him twice. He follows me to the table and pushes me on my back. He gets on his knees and starts to lick me with long strikes. 


Just like in the movie I grab the sides of the table and arch my back so that my breasts are pushed upwards. His tongue is delicious, he knows exactly what I like and it doesn’t take long before I am squirming with pleasure. But I don’t want to come yet.

“No, no, not yet”, I say panting. He kisses his way up. Through my belly button, my stomach, my breasts, taking a detour to my nipples. He continues his way up kissing my neck, sucking on an earlobe. Then he stands erect, like his firm penis

I let myself slip from the table and get on my knees. Slowly I take his dick in my mouth. First just it’s tip, then deeper and deeper. I move my head up and down and let him control the pace by holding my head by my hair. Not long after he pulls me up and bends me over on the table, down on my stomach this time. With his feet he pushes my black high heels apart. Just like in the movie he separates my buttcheeks, but can’t help it to slide his tongue in between. He surprises me by this and I moan loudly. He continues by using his fingers to stimulate my clit, and this makes me so wet it is easy for him to slide them in and out and in and out again. Then I feel his hard cock inside me. He pushes my hand to the side of the table and I grab them tight. He grabs my breast and squeezes them hard, and then holds my shoulders while thrusting into me. Our table is not as firm as the one in the movies and it bangs to the wall at the same pace as he bangs me. The thought of our neighbours hearing us only turns me on more. 

I start to moan louder as I feel I am about to climax. 

“Yes, come for me, let yourself go”, he moans behind me. The moaning sounds coming from the movie on the background give me that extra push and the orgasm runs through my body. My climax creates a firm grip around his penis and when it tightens I hear him reaching that climax too.

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