Erotic Story: The Date
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The Date

By Sabine, 16.02.2023

Nervously I keep driving past available parking spots. My hands tremble when I finally park the car and take my key out of the ignition. For a moment I’m not sure if I have the courage to go through with it. Maybe I’m not sure what I am doing. But the urge to find something that I have been missing for so long and the possibility that I will find it tonight is stronger than the anxiety. Maybe it’s the combination that makes it even hotter. I check myself out in the car mirror. Do I look nervous? He will notice. I told him that this is something I have never done before. I take a deep breath hoping my heartbeat will slow down before I step out of the car. 

It’s already dark and my legs are shaking a bit when I walk towards the bar we planned our date. He might be there already, the idea frightens me. He could see me walking past the window. Incredibly nervous, I enter the bar. It’s nice; warm, cosy and just dark enough. There are several private corners, I choose the one with a larger sofa to hide out in. I take my phone from my purse and notice I have no new messages. Nervously I let it slide back into my purse. He will show up, won’t he? I order a glass of wine and hope this will help to control my nerves a bit. 

The moment I see him standing in front of me, looking at me, my nerves change into something completely different. His eyes are sweet. A soft comforting glance that at the same time awakens urges in me, the same urges I felt surfacing during our phone calls. He takes the wine glass out of my hands and then grabs my shivering hands in his hands. He pulls me up from the couch so we are face to face, standing close to each other. I look up and into his eyes, my face blushing. A bit uncomfortable I whisper him hello. He smiles and gives me a sincere compliment, after taking a good look at my body. I give him a shy thank you. The black dress I am wearing was specifically bought for this occasion, as was the lingerie I am wearing underneath. Chosen just for him. I am more than happy that he loves it. 

He pulls me close and we sit down on the sofa, entangled, already feeling so familiar. He’s wearing a suit and I love it. Suits are so sexy. His natural dominance keeps me mesmerized. He’s the embodiment of man. My legs are pressed up to his thigh, my body leaning against his, I am enjoying his delicious scent. I am already very wet down there and my legs are a bit restless because of it. 

As the evening passes we get to know each other even better. It’s nice that he’s not just interested in my body, but really seems to care about me. During our conversation he puts one of his hands on my thighs, slowly sliding it up, underneath my dress. I am getting hotter by the minute and gasp when he rubs over my wet pantys with one of his fingers. I am so aroused and sensitive that I can barely keep myself from moaning when he slides my panties aside and touches my clit. The idea of getting caught turns me on even more. Playfully he suggests following him into the bathroom. I just nod and he takes my hand. I feel a bit embarrassed looking around the room realising people will know what we are about to do. But he is not bothered by what the other people might think, this confidence makes him even look hotter and I let him take me into a stall. He closes the door behind me.He grabs me and turns me around pushing me with my stomach against the door. Without hesitation he grabs my panties and pulls them down to my knees. He uses his feet to push my legs apart and I gasp when I feel his hard dick against my ass. He takes my wrists and pushes them onto my lower back. I moan, this is so hot. He pulls my hips backwards and slides my dress up. His hands slide between my legs and I already feel so excited that I am about to climax. His fingers slowly caress me and then he firmly pushes his fingers in me. It feels so nice that I start begging him for more. He whispers in my ear that he loves the fact that I am so wet and that he will fuck me deep and hard from behind. While he’s telling me this, his hard dick pushes against me. I take a deep breath and feel him entering me, inch by inch. He bends me over so he can get as deep in me as possible. It feels like I have never felt someone as deep in me before. When he thrusts in me rhythmically I almost lose my mind. He fucks me harder and harder and I can’t suppress my moans anymore. When he touches my clit my body almost explodes of pleasure and I climax moaning loudly, my legs shivering. He growls and fucks me even harder and grabs my hair while he climaxes inside me, hard and deep. I feel his hard dick pulsing inside me and I love it. His hand slides over my buttcheeks and his fingers caress my butthole. He will fuck me in that other hole the next time, he promisses. The thought makes me shiver. It’s what I always wanted. He tenderly turns me around. He cleans me up with a wipe and pulls up my panties. I have never felt more sexy and female. I can’t wait until our next date.

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