What you do when your lover has a big one
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What you do when your lover has a big one

By Eva, 04.07.2022

Making out with a man who has some serious business down there, doesn’t mean you’ll have great sex automatically. But let’s be honest: his big penis can spice up that sexy-time a bit. But when his dingdong is wáy over average, we’ll have some tips for you.

The size of their penis: it’s something most men are really insecure about.
Of course, they won’t admit it, but their minds keep spinning around and around about what they have down there and what they have not. Truly, we do think a nice penis in our bed (and between our legs) is thrilling, but when his penis overcomes all the naughty moments you’ve ever dreamed of, here’s what you’ve got to do. 

Relax baby

It’s very important to be totally relaxed and turned during every woo-ha moment with your lover, but when he’s really big down there, you need to chill for a 100 percent. Let go all of those thoughts about whatever the hell you need to do when you two are done and chill. If you feel totally comfortable, it will be much easier to be fully turned on. If you’re in the mood, your vajayjay will be a lot wider and she also can handle something bigger. 


Normally we do think the natural juice of a woman should be enough to be ready for an amazing time in bed, but in this case, we are making an exception. If you are totally sure that your pussy is wet enough and ready to mingle, then it is still possible that his large penis doesn’t fit inside your pussy. Lubricant can be your hero. Put some stuff on his penis and don’t be thrifty or let him do the same on your intimate parts, and the two of you are ready for the real deal. 

Think big

There is so much to discover than penis-in-pussy sex. The fact that he has a big penis, doesn’t automatically mean that he has to penetrate you every time. Normally we are already amazed when he goes down on us, but if he has a large dingdong, it will definitely be an extra excuse to ask him for some love down there. Not that you should ask for it, because most men already love to go down on a woman. Especially when he knows it would help you receive his penis in a relaxed way. 


If a man has some serious business between his legs, most people think that you can better skip doggy style. Indeed, in this position, his penis will bump inside your vagina a little bit harder and deeper, but luckily there are more ways to discover this one. Make sure you lie down on your belly and let him sit down on you, with his knees behind your butt. While he leans on his elbows, he ensures that he does not come to deep inside you. 

On top

When you are on top, you can have more control about how deep his penis will be inside you. You can bend over as much as you prefer yourself. 
If you are strong enough, it is also possible to sink halfway. Let him grab your ass, not only for his pleasure but also to let him know which rhythm you prefer.

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