Erotic Story: Addicted
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Addicted

By Yentl, 02.02.2023

I quickly wrap a towel around my body, to warm it up. Why does it always have to be so cold when you get out of the shower? In my head, I try to figure out how many days before spring starts. I stare at my hair, wet and unmanageable, and I stuff it in a second towel which I drape into a kind of turban above my head. Ready to throw on my jogging suit, I leave the bathroom. 

When I enter the bedroom, my eyes scan the room. Roger is casually slumped in the chair in the corner of the bedroom. 

‘That took you long enough,’ he says.

‘Sorry,’ I respond, ‘I didn’t know you were waiting for me.’ 

His face changes, as the corners of his mouth turning up a bit and his eyes getting a touch of mischief in them. Instantly, a warm tingling shoots through my body and I adopt a wait-and-see stance. 

‘Just lie down,’ he says in a level voice. ‘I’ve got something in store for you.’ 

The warm tingling shoots down further, to the spot between my legs. With an excited sigh, I plop down on the bed and look at him with tense eyes. 

‘I’ve been looking forward to this all day,’ he says with a penetrating look in his eyes.

‘To what?’ I ask softly.

He smiles, gets up from his chair and walks over to me. ‘To the moment I can finally taste you,’ he says in a hoarse voice.

I see a twinkle in his eyes and feel my mouth getting dryer as our eyes meet. He is so damn hot. In one fluid movement, he pulls his shirt over his head and I thoroughly enjoy the view of his firm bare chest. I lean on my elbows to get a good look at him. He sneaks up to me, his hands grab the towel wrapped around my hair and he gently takes it off. The wet strands fall around my face and tickle my neck. He presses his nose against my wet hair and inhales deeply.

‘Hmmm, you smell so good.’ 

The way he puts emphasis on the last word, makes me feel very hot and a small, excited moan escapes my mouth. Just when I’m about to run my hand over his body, he grips it firmly. 

‘This is my night, you’re mine for the rest of the day,’ he says.

I watch him anxiously as he also starts to untie the towel that I’ve got wrapped around my body and slowly opens it. He gently bites my nipples and blows on them, until they stand erect with desire. He looks up at me with a grin on his face. 

‘Breathe slowly, this is just the beginning.’ 

I sigh loudly and keep staring into his eyes for a long moment. Those gorgeous blue eyes of his, I could drown in them if I didn’t look away right now. I feel my heart pounding when he slides his tongue over my skin towards my lower abdomen. He softly bites the skin around my navel and then forces my legs further apart. Again, he slides further down. The tip of his nose tickles my skin and as soon as he gets close to my clit, he presses his nose against it and inhales again. 

‘Hmm,’ he growls. ‘I think I’m addicted to you.’

A soft squeak escapes my lips. One of pure excitement. I try hard to keep my legs steady, but they really want to writhe around. I get a kick out of thinking I might be his addiction. Then he kisses me. Right there. He presses soft kisses against my heat. He caresses my sensitive skin with the tip of his nose, driving me crazy. 

When I practically want to beg him to take it a step further, I feel his warm, wet tongue slide against my clit. Evasively. He greedily licks my labia. Further and further down. 

I want to pull him even closer against me, but instead I reach for the wet strands on my head. 

My breathing quickens. I’m trembling inside. His tongue performs a kind of slow, erotic dance on my most sensitive spot. After a few maddening minutes it’s time. He presses his tongue against my clit and starts sucking it with precision. My hands reach for the towel that is still crumpled around my body somewhere. I start moaning uncontrollably and my hips seem to move back and forth on their own. He sucks and licks, and now and then blows trying to tone down my heat. Just when I think he cannot drive my any crazier, he pushes his thumb inside of me. 

‘Shit…,’ I sigh, taken off guard. 

I squeeze my eyes shut and do my best to control my body. His thumb circles inside me, against that one longing spongy spot over and over again. He sure knows what he’s doing, and knows the effect he has on me. 

‘Just listen,’ he says teasingly as he holds up his face and the sound of my wetness fills the room. ‘I love how you get so wet by me.’ 

‘It’s so tender,’ I moan. ‘I’m very close.’

He twists his thumb more wildly, presses his tongue against my clit again and continues to alternate sucking and licking. For a moment, I let my hand wander to one of my nipples, but it still feels too tender after the action he just performed. I get so hot inside, my toes start to wiggle, my heartbeat is somewhere in my throat and I feel my eyes turning away. The muscles in my deepest, darkest and most yearning spot, contract mercilessly. My cries echo through the bedroom as he withdraws and in the background I hear his pants dropping to the floor.

With my eyes closed, my insides pulsating and my orgasm rushing through me wildly, he takes hold of my legs and thrusts himself inside of me. My breath catches in surprise and I feel the shivers rushing through me like electric shocks. A low growling moan wells up from the back of his throat. Then he presses the thumb that was inside me before against my lower lip. He rubs it moistly against my lip, as if he’s applying lip gloss. I open my eyes and look into his flaming gaze. In response, I open my mouth slightly and let his thumb in. I playfully start to suck. 

‘O, baby, you are so hot,’ he gasps out of control. 

My hands take hold of his ass and I bury my nails deep into his skin to the rhythm of his thrusts. 

‘Fuck. Yes!’ he cries through the bedroom. 

After a few minutes I feel his body starting to convulse. His heart almost pounds out of his chest and he climaxes with a curse. Exhausted, he falls on top of me and I enjoy the feeling of his weight pressing my body deeper into the mattress. He looks at me with glowing eyes, brings his thumb to his mouth and licks it thoroughly. 

‘Hmm,’ it sounds. ‘I am really addicted to you.’ 

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