Erotic story: Along the canal
Erotic story

Erotic story: Along the canal

By Yentl, 23.02.2023

As soon as I leave the office building, I see his car. He’s parked along the canal and, through the window, I see him scrolling through his phone. When I open the door, he softens his gaze as he looks into my eyes. He takes his bag off the passenger seat and slams it onto the back seat. 

‘Gee, I’m so glad to see you again!,’ he says with a big smile on his face.

As soon as I sit down, he opens his arms and gives me a big hug. The smell of his perfume enters my nose and I feel my body tensing immediately. His fragrance has an immensely thrilling effect on me. He kisses my lips and before I know it, I feel the tip of his tongue gently running along my skin. 

‘Hmm,’ I moan softly. ‘I missed you.’

I give him my most naughty look. It’s working. He takes my face in his hands, looks deeply into my eyes and attacks me. His tongue races along my neck and his hands move quickly towards my breasts. Growling, he starts kneading them. My breath becomes faster and faster. All of a sudden, he stops and looks at me with fire in his eyes. 

‘Do you see what you’re doing to me?’, he says hoarsely.

I look at him heatedly and follow his gaze. He directs my eyes towards his jeans. To the spot where the fabric is pulled tightly across his hard-on. He playfully bounces it up and down. A blush appears on my cheeks and I feel a flash of warmth coursing through my body. 

With my eyes locked on him, I bite my lower lip. Hypnotized, he stares at my lip, which I carefully take between my teeth. He sighs excitedly and starts to unbutton his pants. I put my hand on his chest and bring it down slowly. The tension in his eyes is almost palpable. When he reaches his boxer shorts, he stops. 

‘Are we really doing this?’ I hear a smile in his tone, the nerves are palpable and the air is charged. 

‘I really missed you,’ I reply as kinkily as possible. 

He looks around quickly, as if somebody’s already caught us in the act. It’s still light outside, a boat is sailing through the canal and people are cycling past. All ingredients which make this even more thrilling for me. 

‘Fuck it,’ he grins as he pulls his pants down over his ass and pushes back his chair.

With heated eyes, I watch how he skillfully releases his boner. I quickly pull down my tights, kick them on the floor and adjust my position. He taps his thigh twice and I don’t think twice. I wrap my left arm around his shoulder and grab my thong with my right hand to pull the fabric to the side. I sit on his lap and lower myself on his boner.

A growl sounds somewhere in the back of his throat and as he disappears inside of me, he looks at me intently. He places his hands on my back and starts kissing me fiercely. Carefully, I move up and down. It feels raw, full. He was barely gone for a week, but I really missed him. Apparently so much we can’t even manage to wait until we get home.

We hear voices of passers-by outside of the car, but they don’t stop us. We’re too busy with each other. We’re kissing heavily. I cling my hands to the headrest for extra support and grind back and forth across his lap. 

‘Shit, you’re so hot,’ he moans. Just hear how wet you are.’

I laugh naughtily and make even deeper movements. My ass cheeks bump against his thighs over and over again. My wetness sounds so horny through the car and my breathing speeds up rapidly. He squeezes his free hand between us and places it against my clit. At the first touch, a crackling tingling shoots through my body.

‘Yes,’ I gasp. ‘Touch me.’

His thumb presses firmly against my clit and he deftly starts to run circles. They drive me crazy. The pressure building up just a little more with every round. 

‘Ah baby, you feel so tight.’ He’s gasping loudly as I’ve changed my grinding motion into bouncing movements. 

My body starts to tingle. I can feel it coming from my toes – that blissful electricity. I start moaning loudly, trying hard to keep myself from announcing my orgasm with a loud scream. I bite my lower lip and with convulsing movements, I come. My orgasm is still in full swing when he grabs my hips, holds me still and starts thrusting into me hard.

With my hands pressed against the roof, I close my eyes and try to keep my body under control. Swearing, and with increasingly coarse strokes, he comes. We can hear whistling in the street and as soon as I open my eyes and see his heated face, I realize that we’ve been going at it harder than we intended. Laughing, I lower myself onto his chest. 

‘Do that again when we get home?,’ he asks. 

His eyes sparkle and I can’t do anything but nod in eager confirmation.

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