Erotic story: Soggy little secret
Erotic story

Erotic story: Soggy little secret

By Yentl, 30.06.2022

“No, that’s no problem at all, just do it right!” Lieve replies when I ask if I can use their bathroom, including a spacious bathtub.

Tonight is the second night of this, not entirely voluntary, sleepover. The large bath has been on my schedule since I knew that I can stay with Ruben and Lieve as long as my house is being renovated.

“Thanks” I laugh as I slide out of the living room in my charming jogging suit.

‘Enjoy it! We’ll be heading to our bed in a minute, so we’ll see you in the morning.”

I wave briefly before leaving them together in the living room.

Arriving in the bathroom I light some of Lieve’s candles, turn on the tap and let a good splash of bath foam swirl through the water. As soon as I’m undressed, I search Spotify for some soothing background music.

Just when I sink my toes into the warm water, I hear Ruben and Lieve moving to the bedroom. She taps softly on the door as she passes and asks if I’m in the bath yet. I’ve only just confirmed her question and she’s already sticking her head around the door.

“Sorry, want to brush my teeth.”

Laughing, I indicate that it’s not bad and I strategically move the mega mountains of suds that the bath foam has left behind. Before I know it, Ruben also walks into the bathroom, assuring me three times that he isn’t looking. I wish I could say the same, but I catch myself looking.

Wearing only a light pink tight boxer shorts, he stands by the sink and starts brushing his teeth. There are scratches on his back, from my girlfriend’s nails, there is no other way. Those buttocks, full and firm, perfect squeeze material. I silently pray that he turns around so I can marvel at his manhood.

He nonchalantly runs a hand through his light brown hair. Then suddenly I see it. He looks straight at me through the mirror. A wave of heat hits me. I feel caught.

“Nice ass isn’t it?!” Lieve says teasingly and she squeezes it a few times while making farting noises with her mouth. I want to immerse myself, disappear from this situation for a while.

“Sleep well!” she yells as she leaves the bathroom.

Ruben looks unashamedly over the suds, as if looking for an opening to catch a glimpse of my naked body. Followed by a short wink before closing the door behind him.

Sighing, I turn up the volume of my music slightly and do my best to ignore the heat in my body. I am charmed by Reuben. Ever since Lieve introduced him, about four years ago. Underwater I run my fingertips over my thighs and close my eyes. A large dot of foam tickles my nipple and all my focus seems to move effortlessly to my most intimate place. Tension builds.

The song my phone is playing comes to an end and the music fades further and further into the background. Suddenly I hear it. fuck. Am I really hearing this? Ruben and Lieve kiss, they frolic. The smack of their kiss can be heard clearly. It’s accompanied by teasing laughter and some “Ruben, stop” outbursts she doesn’t mean.

My ears are pricked up and I’m doing my best to listen to what’s going on. I hardly dare to move. The taste seems different and Lieve moans. Then I realize. He licks her.

“You are doing this so well.” I hear her gasp.

I carefully turn down the volume on my phone. Briefly, the doubt runs through my head that this is not possible. This is not allowed. The doubt is banished by the images from barely fifteen minutes ago. Ruben’s tight ass, his strong arms and the last look over the suds before he went out the door. fuck it.

Its smack is overpowering, it cannot be ignored. He probably licks everything. Every centimeter and also with full dedication, it cannot be otherwise.

“Stop, stop!” she hisses, “I don’t want to come yet.”

I bite my lower lip as my thumb and forefinger have wrapped around one of my nipples. No idea how they got there.

In the bedroom, the roles are reversed. He growls male, almost animal as the sound of her full mouth reaches the bathroom. After a few minutes of this what I imagine sloppy blowjob session, he fucks her. I can hear it. She moans to a rhythm that must have come from his thrusts. The bed creaks and he makes no secret of the fact that he likes the way her insides feel.

While my fingers are buried deep in my cunt underwater, I imagine what position they are in. I’m horny. Sweltering hot and I willingly slide back and forth in the water. With every movement, the water sloshes along the edge. Then I was startled by a loud tap.

“You have such a fucking nice ass.” I hear Ruben moan.

Oh, doggy. Definitely doggy!

I feel a little jealous, but it’s nothing compared to how excited I am. With my fingers I slide further through my soft lips and do rounds on my clit. A wall further the tension builds and I shamelessly go along. My legs start to tingle. Lieve is about to begin pleading, and Ruben’s thrusts grow wilder.

They don’t seem to make any effort to hide what they are doing. They don’t act softly, not quietly. They seem to have forgotten me. With my eyes closed, I play myself more and more extensively. Until I can’t anymore. My cunt starts to pulse around my fingers and a far too loud moan escapes my lips. shit!

I am startled by the silence that follows and automatically reassure myself that they really didn’t hear me. That is not possible. I refuse to believe that. Suddenly I hear a kind of squeaking sound, almost oppressive. It is Lieve who explodes while enjoying Ruben’s body.

“Jesus that’s nice, come here. I’m going to come.’

After some rumbling about the bed I hear her suck it dry. His moans almost sound like a perfect melody.

With trembling hands I turn up the music a little louder. This scene has brought a new life of intimacy to our friendship. I should have used the bath earlier.

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