Erotic Story: Private spa
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Private spa

By Yentl, 07.04.2022

“Are you ready for this?”, he asks me while throwing the bag on the back seat. I return his question with a naughty smile. 

“I’m so up for this! It’s been a while since we’ve been to a spa together”.

“Not just a spa babe! We’re going to a private spa. There’s nobody around. If you know what I mean”. 

His eyes are twinkling, I sit down beside him in the passenger seat. 

When the car starts he puts his hand on my knee. The warmth slowly spreads through the fabric of my pants and it sends a tingling through my stomach. Oh, I know what he means. 

“I bought a new bikini”, I say in a teasing tone. 

“Well, let’s take a bet on how long you keep it on”, he jokes back and playfully squeezes my upper leg. 

I let the tips of my fingers run over his hand. It feels strong, manly and familiar. 

“That’s nice”, he whispers and slides his hands a bit up my leg.

I realize I am holding my breath. It’s like I was anticipating his move. Meanwhile he’s got his eyes on the road and doesn’t realize the longing he sparked at all. 

Images of us kissing in the water appear in my head. I visualize my body closing into his. His skin against my skin. I can feel my panties getting a bit wet by the idea. The thought of him naked against me drives me crazy. I can’t wait. 

Slowly I let my hand wander over my pants and then stop to see if he notices. “What is happening?”

“Nothing, I just have to touch myself a bit”, I answer.

He keeps alternating his eyes on the road and on my body. It’s clearly hard for him to keep his attention on the driving. 

“I don’t call that doing nothing”, he says laughing while he bites his lower lip. 

That tells me to take it a bit further. While his eyes are on me I let my hand slip into my pants and use my fingertips to stroke my wet lips. 

With my most naughty look I look up to him and just when I am about to slide a finger in he looks back at me. 

“You better wait with all this play until we are in the spa”.

But I don’t feel like being obedient and I bury my hand even further into my thong and start to moan.

“I mean it”, he says with a strict tone, “You can do whatever you want when we’re in the spa. You will get my full attention then. I want to enjoy this view”. 

With mixed feelings I pull my hand back, reluctantly suppressing my longings. But I can’t help stroking my mouth with the wet tip of my finger. 

“Oh babe, you are killing me! I can’t wait to have my own taste.”

We drive into the parking lot and he gives me a horny look.

“Please slow down a bit, I want to use the whole night enjoying you to the fullest”, he says to me while stroking some hair out of my face. Filled with horny thoughts I follow him to the entrance where we are greeted by a friendly lady. 

During the check in I can feel his hand stroking my bottom, making it very hard to concentrate on everything the lady is saying to us. With a friendly smile and big gestures she‘s pointing in the direction of the dressing rooms. 

“See you on the inside, hotty”, he says while he pats me on the ass. Fully concentrated I go into the dressing room and start to undress. I try to keep my head straight while removing my clothing, piece by piece. If he wants to take it slow, he can have it the slow way. 

I can’t help but slide my finger between my wet lips just one more time. Then I decide it’s time to go in. My bikini fits perfectly, I drop off the rest of my stuff and leave the room. 

Arriving at the spa I let my eyes scan the whole space. There are burning candles everywhere. Two full glasses on the side of the pool. He’s already in there, naked. The candellight reflects his naked body and I can’t help having the sexual visions again. As sexy as I can, I tread towards the glasses and take a seat on the edge of the pool. 

Take it slow. How is that even possible when things are so romantic and sexy? Sipping my glass I watch him move through the water. I’m looking at him just as naughty as I did in the car. Smiling, he swims up to me. I take a big sip of my drink. 

When he gets up I can see the drops sliding off his chest. I don’t want to take it slow. But I will obey his wishes. He smiles while he takes my feet and strokes them, while also taking his glass for a sip. We toast without words, but I know where my head’s at. It’s contemplating the perfect moment to take off my bikini. 

Do you want to know how this ends? Enjoy this erotic story here.

This beautiful couple enjoys every bit of their private spa. We like it that hot! A delightful video by studio Sinful.

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