Erotic Story: Blinded windows
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Blinded windows

By Yentl, 19.01.2023

The touch of her hand makes me feel faint and I turn my gaze to the high windows. She brushes a few strands of hair from my face.

“I’m glad you’re here,” she says radiantly.

The feeling is completely mutual. Her smile gives me a warm feeling and a sudden jolt of electricity mercilessly pops through my body. Already, I can barely contain myself.

She looks around her office, walks towards the door and smoothly turns the lock. This is going to happen. After an endless amount of daydreaming about sex in her office, it’s finally going to happen now. The first adventure that’s at the top of our bucket list. 

With a naughty look in her eyes she fluently crosses over to me, with her loose dark curls dancing around her face. She playfully moistens her lips before pressing her mouth on mine. Her kiss is warm and almost overwhelming because of all the tension. My hands slide through her hair, along her neck and carefully knead her breasts. She softly starts to moan. Instantly, I feel my panties getting wet. Her nipples are almost poking through her blouse and she looks at me haggardly. 

“Sit down,” she grins as she slaps her desk. 

Again, I look over to the windows, another thing on the bucket list: sex with an audience. Even though this audience can’t really see us through the blinded windows, I still feel watched. As smoothly as possible, I hop on her desk. The top feels cold against my tights and legs. Lise positions herself between my legs and takes hold of my face. 

“Pretty exciting, right?” she asks as her eyes meet mine.

With that same naughty look, she lets her hands disappear under my skirt. Warmly, they slide up and take hold of the edge my tights. Curling her fingertips around the edge, she pulls them down. I push my ass in the air for a second and feel the tights dropping to my ankles in an instant.

One by one, she takes off my ankle boots, followed by the tights. Tension has been building between my legs, and I can’t wait for her to touch me there. Excruciatingly slowly, she pushes up the bottom of my skirt until my thong is visible. Looking at me intently, she presses her fingers against the fabric. For a moment, I forget to breathe and then laugh nervously. 

“Relax!” she smiles. “Enjoy!”

I release a loud sigh and allow her to move my thong to the side. She grabs her office chair and sits down on it. She pushes my legs just a little further apart and then she slides the chair between my legs. 

I see people walking by on the other side of the window. Some stop for a moment to check their phones. Some even check their reflection in the window and straighten their clothes or adjust their hair. Without knowing it, a few of them even look me straight in the eye. 

In the meantime, Lise presses her tongue against my heat. God, she’s so good at this. The tip of her tongue slides along my clit with just the right amount of pressure. She sucks, licks and kisses my most sensitive spot. Pure lust is raging through me. Since we’re in the office, I do my best to keep down the volume of my moaning, but I barely manage. Every now and then, a loud cry escapes my throat. She shushes me against my clit, urging me to keep quiet and I try to obey. She sinks down further and presses the tip of her tongue inside just a little, driving me wild. 

“You feel so hot,” she pants. 

Her words echo in my head and instinctively I know exactly what she means. It’s as if we are melting together. I feel drops running between my buttocks. Ever so slowly, they trickle down my crack towards the desktop. As usual, she is going at it with devotion. The smacking sound of her licking fills her office and I realize that this bucket list thing is much more intense than we initially intended. Every time the tension in my body builds up to the point of becoming unbearable, she shifts her attention to another spot. 

“I am so close,” I pant as softly as I can. 

She pulls back her tongue, sits up straight and looks at me sternly. “All in good time,” she says. “Are you enjoying the view?”

She briefly points at the people outside who are passing us and I nod heatedly. “Not just the view,” I respond.

She places her fingers against my opening and, teasingly slowly, she pushes them inside. They move around alternately and I grab hold of the edge of the desk. Everything between my legs seems to be wet. Flooded by horniness

When she presses her tongue against my clit again, I feel that the tension has not faded one bit. It’s gathered somewhere deep inside of me, only to make itself known again at every new touch. My breathing takes on a bizarre pace and I press my lips together tightly to hold back the loud cries in my throat. 

“Fuck!” I whisper in a panic. 

My legs start to shake and I break into a sweat. 

“I can just taste that you are almost there!” 

The excitement in her voice pushes me over the edge. I tilt my pelvis back and forth, feel her fingers move inside me and feel my skin quiver under her tongue. It rushes through me like waves of heat.

Someone stops at the window. For a moment, it seems as if he intends to press his face against the window in an attempt to look inside. As soon as my body recovers, I start laughing. She smiles and asks what’s up. 

“For a moment, I thought that guy was going to try to look inside,” I say in a giggle.

She slowly shoves my tights back over my feet, ankles and legs and puts them back into place. 

“Why would anyone bother with that? They can see us right through the window anyway.”

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