The best hot spots on your body
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The best hot spots on your body

By Janna, 24.04.2023

You probably know exactly which spots on your body are slightly more sensitive, but your body has a lot more good spots that are overlooked sometimes. Get ready to give attention to the best, and maybe also some unexpected, hot spots. Or, to get your hands on your lover’s hot spots!

1. Ears

    Maybe not totally unexpected, as many of us know that someone playfully nibbling your earlobe can be pretty exciting. So, you can try to do this a bit more extensively, kiss, lick and suck softly, and take your time. We bet that will get a tingling running in both of you in no time.

    2. Belly button

    Maybe not such an obvious sexy spot and honestly not really a spot you want to have stimulated either. But looks can be deceiving! Apparently, the belly button is very sensitive, and even connected to the clit. It does take some practice, but if the belly button is stimulated this can be felt in your clit. Body shots anyone?

    3. Back of the knees

    Back of the knees? Really? Yep… imagine those longing fingers playfully caressing your bare knees. Buckling knees incoming!

    4. Clavicles

    We have to admit, a bare shoulder can easily evoke a sultry vibe. Like you instantly feel sexy. Now imagine being kissed, or playfully caressed, there softly.. Ai ai aiiiii… Perfect starting point for a teasing trip down your body.

    5. Lower back

    You may be aware that a back can have a sexy effect. There’s just something magical about a bare back, but what about those little dimples in your lower back? Let yourself be kissed or caressed there, or maybe even better, why not go for a few playful bites there. Because that can feel pretty amazing. Can’t get enough of it? Then ask your lover to gently caress your spine. Hmm… 

    6. Your big toe 

    And no, you don’t necessarily have to have a foot fetish for this spot. You can think of it as an exhilarating foot massage, but focused on that one toe. Some women can even get an orgasm when their big toe is stimulated. 

    Do you actually get the creeps from the idea of someone enthusiastically sucking your big toe? And you really don’t see yourself doing this to your lover? No problem. Just try the other options. Who knows, you might get curious about it after a while. And remember, not everything is good for everyone and everyone experiences things differently. So, just keep trying and discovering, to find out what you and your partner(s) enjoy.

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